Saturday, November 07, 2009

All right, I lied. Today was the best biking day in November. Seriously, no jacket, no hoodie? Just a t-shirt, freaky denim pedal-pushers, striped knee socks and high sport maryjanes. And helmet, of course the helmet. My outfit got a stoplight thumb-up from some dude in the passenger side of an SUV. As I told the Brit, I normally treat a scrub trying to get my attention from inside a vehicle with my best Ice Grill, but this one just made me laugh, especially since I am certain I looked like a clown. It was a Facebook-style thumb-up.

Are you in need of some more TV to watch instantly on Netflix? I have been enjoying Party Down, which I found out about only through someone's passing mention on the Facebook feed. It wasn't even addressed to me, this mention, and yet here I am, halfway through the season. The show's about a crew of various Hollywood hopefuls and has-beens who work for a catering company, with the embarrassingly earnest Ken Marino as their team leader. TV nerds--and I would not count myself among them, but I was a fan of Veronica Mars--will remember lots of the guest stars, a few leads, and one of the show's creators from VM. Also, Paul Rudd is on the creative team. Also also, Fred Savage directed a lot of the eps. So far the show fails the Bechdel test, but almost everything does--and it's frequently damn funny, so I give it a pass.

Early bed. It's another two rehearsal day tomorrow.


  1. A thumbs up in traffic, when you're looking rad in your maryjanes, is more than OK. If Men In Cars would stick with thumbs ups, I'd be cool with it.