Saturday, November 14, 2009

Books and I have been on a break for awhile, and it's mainly because of sudoku. When we were at the airport waiting to fly home from England this summer, I decided to use up my English coin in this ridiculous vending machine that was selling books and whatnots to make your flight easier. It took forever to purchase because the machine kept rejecting my pound coins, but I finally snagged a sudoku book for 4 pounds. It came in extremely handy on the flight when the pin broke off my headphones and I could no longer watch in-flight movies. I think I did sudoku for like 2 hours.

Anyway, I still have this book and I've been doing a little bit of a puzzle or occasionally a whole puzzle before bed for ages. The book doesn't even have that many puzzles in it--maybe 150?--so I guess I'm sort of dim-witted, or I just usually fall asleep before I finish one. Regardless, that was clearly 4 pounds well spent, even if it means that bedtime sudoku has supplanted bedtime reading. I'm trying to change this trend with Jane Hamilton's Disobedience and it is not taking AT ALL. I'm about halfway through it and it's kind of boring me. I hope that my willingness to continue slogging means I will get paid at some point, but it's more likely that I'm going to start writing numbers in the blank spaces on the pages.


Church gig tomorrow, then a concert, then a rehearsal. In light of all this (unusual) running around and singing, I decided at the last possible second to register for a competition. The deadline was Friday and I worked on it Friday morning and submitted it WELL before 5 PM. That part's not so unusual, but this is one of those singfests where you have to choose and prepare 14 pieces and have all your keys and timings on your application, so I winged all of that stuff instead of agonizing over the choices. It's also unusual for me to be doing something where I'm at the very oldest of the old, eligibility-wise. There are hardly any competitions you can do as a singer once you're past 30. So submitting this app was just another moment that drove home where I am professionally vs. where I once thought I would be or where other people might assume I should be at this point. I've done this competition twice before and the first time didn't make it pass the district level. I was a national finalist the second time. This time, I just want a reason to be focused and working on something.

Of course, the first round isn't until March, so chances are good I'll put off working on any of this until February.


  1. That was the hardest application ever! I'm doing it for the first time.