Thursday, November 19, 2009

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet...

...but my brother and his lady got engaged. We love them both, so this is awesome news.

And speaking of my brother and weddings and things I can't believe I never posted, why didn't I ever tell you that the night of my wedding, my siblings all went to see Rascal Flatts and partied with the band and Hootie (sorry, I mean Darius) afterward? It was one of those Nashville connection things, having nothing to do with anyone's actual taste in music. My sister Emily was still wearing her bridesmaid outfit and Heidi braids.

Hobby and Colleen will have to top that for an after-party, but I'm sure they'll have no problem doing so.


  1. Realdiculous! I think I saw C. last night too. Mazel tov, new Nashvillians!

  2. Very random night had by all then I take it :)

  3. Definitely still in my Heidi braids... Which is why, as I watched one of the roadies pour some Jaegermeister into a plastic cup (awes) and said "did you know that even though we think of it as distinctly German, the US consumes more Jaegermeister than other country in the world ?", it made total sense that he responded, "Do you work for them or something?"

  4. 1. The Rascal Flatts story makes me feel better that I was too pooped to holler at y'inz after the reception, lest I was forced to endure Rascalz, Flattz, or Hootiez.

    2. I am so happy for Hob and Colleen, not just because they are awesome, but also because I referred to Colleen as Hobby's XYZ (the exact word X-capes me at the moment) when introducing her to qualcuno, in such a way as to intimate that they were married or engaged. And then I got embarrassed and awkward for having implied that while in Colleen's grill. The fact that they are now engaged justifies my snafu, no? I'm psychic, yo.

    3. But seriously, Hob + Colleen = awesome.

  5. Lastly, Dearest Piefinger, I'm lolling at your Claven tendencies.

  6. Say, I just remembered. My friend Jonathan plays git-tar in RF. Wonder if y'all hung out with him?