Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oh man, this was one of those days where if I were the type to be indiscreet and blog about my professional life, you would be getting an eyeful. An EYEFUL, I tell you.

(PS, I just googled "eyeful" because it was starting to look weird, and this was the result.)

Having said that, it is nice to have a full plate for a change, performance-wise, to have a reason to practice and most especially to assimilate a bunch of new music quickly. That's one of my strong suits as a musician and there's a weird thing that happens when I've got a lot of music to learn: I learn all of it quickly, like my brain is just working better because it's overtaxed. I'm sure there's a valuable lesson in here somewhere about staying busy and creating performance opportunities, but I will spare us the lesson.

I quit the sugar again this week, so I'll let you know how that goes. It happened directly in the wake of Halloween, in case you're wondering. We had like 6 trick or treaters this year, and the last group of little boys seemed anxious to get to some sort of "dance party" in the neighborhood, so maybe that's where they all were. I am all for it, if it keeps kids safe and partaking of the fun, but the fact is that I was left with like a bag and a half of candy. And when I say "I" I do in fact mean "I," because the Brit just does not throw down with candy. Neither do I, typically, but there were Reese's products in the house.

I don't know, reading about food choices is boring, right? We all have our little things, and the last thing I want to do is get into guilting myself out of truly enjoying food. But I seriously do not have the brain thing that enjoys the hell out of one cookie and says "I'm satisfied now." Easier just to remove them from the equation for awhile. Hell, I did it with potato chips. That stupid New Year's resolution, I kept. Making sure all the dishes are washed before I go to bed? Not so much. But flossing! Yes. I have officially become a habitual flosser. So I do have SOME stick-to-it-iveness. Just not the kind about cookies or creating performance opportunities for myself.

Gotta go have one more cup of tea before bed.


  1. At the risk getting all sad-trombone up in your comment box, I do believe that sugar is the devil incarnate. I just don't partake at all, and my life is so much better since I made that decision. On a related note, I think the whole "moderation" thing is such a scam. For so many people that I know, there are a few key food culprits that they just absolutely cannot resist. For me, it's all things simple-carby, so it's easier for me to just remove them from the equation all together. Now, flossing? Man, you really are a grownup. Still working on that one over here.