Friday, November 13, 2009

Poop soup.

I thought I had landed on a pretty straightforward formula for a kick-ass soup recently: roasted root vegetables + sauteed aromatics + water (that's right, doesn't even need stock) + immersion blender + chickeny bits (as I call the Quorn "tenders") = pure satisfaction, even for the meatatarians in your life. It turns out this formula doesn't work so well, however, when all the roots you have on hand are big stanky turnips and big stanky black radishes. I was trying to branch out from potatoes, you know. But the result of my cooking experiment was a house that smelled, as the Brit would have it, like "compost and nappies." It was perfectly edible and kind of tasty, if a little hard core. But I've been having to eat the leftovers on the sneak, because just opening the container constitutes an antisocial act. I finally finished the stuff today, so I think it's back to good old potatoes and leeks with some stealthy rutabaga for good measure.


  1. Black radish??

    Have you used parsnips? I just got some in my produce delivery and had never had them before. Yum!