Sunday, November 15, 2009


Wit, which is basically Emma Thompson as a formidable John Donne scholar dealing with advanced ovarian cancer, monologuing into the camera. It was fantastic and very literary, but I imagine would be seriously triggering to anyone who has lost someone to cancer or been at close quarters with someone during her cancer treatment. I don't remember why it ended up in my queue, or why I selected, I should say--maybe because we watched other Mike Nichols movies?--but I'm glad, even though it might not have been the greatest idea to watch something so emotional before today's performance. Speaking of which, I am utterly knackered. Not complaining about having things to do, but definitely in need of some extra sleep. Happy Sunday night, traditionally a time of weekly ennui over here.


  1. When her friend (cannot remember the actress at the moment) comes and reads "The Runaway Bunny" I just sob. Every. Single. Time. I can't help but hear her voice when I read that book to my boys.

  2. I've been putting off watching it for years.

  3. Such a good movie. Emma Thompson is, of course, wonderful.

    I recommend reading or seeing the play as well. I actually prefer the play to the movie (even though it doesn't come with Emma Thompson and Audra McDonald).