Friday, December 04, 2009

Cat bloggin.

Here is the famous Ace, taking up space on my desk.

Here he is again in part II, talking about it and then giving you the side-eye for a big finish.

This cat entertains the hell out of me every day.


  1. Weh........weh........weh.......weh.

    Love hearing both your voices!

    Suzy is all brrow?.....brrow?......brrow?

  2. Quacking!!!! Awesome.
    And we may have similar voices. Are you ever accused of sounding like Frasier's Lilith?
    And yes, it is possible that you are perhaps crowding Ace's space just a tad. May want to shift some of your work equipment so he's more comfy. What's an income compared to his comfort?

  3. HHAHAHAHAA, no, no one has ever accused me of sounding like Lilith. I'll try keeping my mouth more closed when I speak.

  4. Also, I'll try to get him in another mood for the next installment of cat bloggin. He has a very large and expressive range of sounds.