Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come on baby, finish what you started.

Oh HELLO, internets. I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized that I am staring down the barrel of an unexpected 4 days off! in a row! And because these 4 days coincide with the absence of my husboyf, who is at trade shows in La La Land for the next week plus, it seems like I should get a bunch of stuff done, right? I mean the kinds of things you don't normally get done when there is another cozy person there who is sitting on the couch, as are you. Technically, I don't have Tuesday off, since that is my usual non-office-job day and as such it is already larded with other obligations. But still, think of what could happen in my three solo days (with Ace) before then? I'm thinking there are two major options:

  1. Finally and fully get into Battlestar Galactica, since a huge cross section of people whose taste lines up with mine finds it crucial entertainment, or
  2. Finish my doctoral thesis.

Remember that thesis? Yeah, me neither. This probably isn't the first time I've announced a plan to finish it to the internet and then quietly gone about my usual shirking, but seriously, at this point everyone else has finished theirs. Maybe it's a good sign that ever since I had this brainwave, I've been wanting to leave work to get started.

Except that I always, always want to leave work. There aren't even any cookies here today to keep me occupied and I could really use a cookie.

I honestly can't say why the thesis has just been floating around in limbo for so long. It's a combination of facing some Kafka-esque red tape in order to push it through, not having a deadline, not having a job that demands that I have an honest-to-goodness DMA instead of just-about-done one, and just plain forgetting that it's even waiting in the wings while I go about my stage business. I dunno. I'm disciplined about some things and not others, especially not this.

Anyway, if you're looking for me this weekend I'll be holed up with some library books that I've had checked out for actual years.


  1. I feel you - I got the house to myself too. My otions are a) stay late and get a bunch of extra work done or b) go home and eat meatballs and watch TV.

    Guess which one I am going to pick?

  2. You'll finish your DMA when you're emotionally and mentally ready to do it (or when ten years have elapsed and you're really up against a deadline). I will tell you, however, that almost never have I ridden such a high as when the writing was completed. I don't think you can quite comprehend how much weight you feel hangs over you until it is no longer there. And then there's all that red tape bullshit that is so much more frustrating than completing the paper. I'm just warning you.

  3. Bill, that's almost like encouragement.

  4. I'm sending you encouragement, as someone who also enjoys the high of completing scary projects.

  5. It's true that there's no high like a completed deadline. It would be amazing to report that you did it. You'd free up such an enormous part of your brain, which you could then use to worry about something new!

  6. What's the topic of your DT? Can you share? I'd be so interested to know (got graduate school on the brain these days).