Friday, February 26, 2010

A few things I CAN tell you.

1. I've made my interstate trip 8 times now (if you count each way, which I do), and I would swear that I have seen the same Amish guy twice, and no, I don't think they all look alike.

My drive encompasses a good deal of Amish byway. I always wonder what the horses are thinking when the cars go screaming by them.

2. I had three encounters with the parking gods on Friday that made me think I better not tempt fate for awhile. For various stupid reasons I was parked at three different metered spots throughout the day and TWICE I came running out to the car to drive away from the spot and found a meter man giving my car the stink-eye and pushing buttons on his hand-held ticket printer. Both of them let me off with a warning, probably because it was Friday and sunny. I have never, ever tried to plead with a parking cop before, so when I saw the second cop in one day standing by my car, I just started to laugh.

The other encounter was with a juiced-up meter downtown RIGHT next to the place where I was belatedly meeting friends for lunch. I had said to myself "I need a spot next to the restaurant that still has time on the meter," and then I drove right into one. What I should have said next is "I need a million dollars," but my brain doesn't work that way.

3. There was a moment last week when I was walking the halls of the music building where I'm teaching and I could hear choirs rehearsal behind me, then a violin lesson next to me, a trombone ahead, voice faculty practicing, and piano all around. The soundproofing in that building is for shit, but I was glad because it meant that I could hear the full scope of music going on around me, and I felt lucky to be there: lucky to be surrounded by music and learning, lucky to be teaching. And that was just a moment out of my day when I was walking from the bathroom to my office.

4. I'm going to do Pierrot Lunaire next year. Please google this if you don't know what I'm talking about because it is BANANAS.

Okay fine, here are excerpts from a staged version. I'm guessing we'll be doing this more concert style, but who knows. It'll be wayyyy out of my comfort zone either way, which is why I said yes to it.


  1. That's some crazy ass shit. And that's either what I'm thinking about P. to the Lunaire, or what the horse is thinking about cars.

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