Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Killing time.

How long can I avoid writing a syllabus? It turns out I can avoid it for ages, even when the semester is starting tomorrow. Deep down inside I know that it won't be a big hairy deal to write it, and so I find ways to do anything and everything else: some sudoku, some brewing tea, some navigating allllll of the stinkin' google and other apps that this school uses (necessary, actually), some contemplating whether I should make another snack run before the LOST premiere tonight. This is the first season I'll be watching it in real time, so it remains to be seen whether I can handle the commercials and endless cliffhangers week to week, but one thing is for sure: I will need snacks.

I'm holed up in the Super 8 near the school where I'm teaching until mid-May. The accommodation situation, it turns out, is going to be pretty ridiculous for me. There's a campus guest house, but it's unavailable about half the time I'm going to be here, which means I'm going to be cruising around between the hotel and the guest house and my own home sweet home for 4 months. I'm adjusting my expectations. You forget that while you have been plotting how things are going to go down, there's an entire administrative world that is only minimally concerned about you, in the grand scheme, because schedules are being arranged for 20 other people. I got spoiled at my last sabbatical job, where they just handed me an apartment and said mazel tov.

On the upside, this town has an amazing food coop. Which is good, because I will not have any way to cook apart from scamming the hotel lobby microwave and the faculty toaster oven. I busted out some unused organizational skills and froze dinners for myself last week and the week before, and packed them in my trunk. I'm thawing smoky split peas and barley on the heat register even now.

And speaking of organizational skills, I'm also going to spend the next few months picking out my outfits in advance, three teaching outfits per week, so that I can pack them up and move out of my home sweet home on Monday nights. Does this not seem like a big deal to anyone else? Maybe you style all your outfits for the week on Sunday nights, but I don't. I'm now seriously considering a voice teacher uniform. Some options:

Pick one.

The best part about this one is that it's made of "tender fleece and cotton." I have been wanting clothing that is more tender.

Might get a little hot/cumbersome in the studio.

Okay seriously.

Also, I just finished season one of Battlestar Galactica, and Tricia Helfer's character annoys the crap out of me and her speaking mannerisms drive me up the wallllll. But my uniform google search took me circuitously to her website, where I discovered that she is a crazy cat lady who raises funds for kitten rescue, and my hate has abated.


  1. Go with the Star Trek outfit that shows off the titty.

    Have a great semester!

  2. I bought fancy cheese for the LOST premiere. It was yum.

    I think you should assemble your potential outfits over the weekend and then let us vote on which ones to choose! Power to the people!

  3. I cana't stop giggling at tender clothing.

  4. Yay! A long Maven post with fashion photos and talk of the road. I like this very much.

    Oh my gosh, Wendell, I just read your comment and howled.

    I love tender samurai poet. Whatever you decide to teach in this spring, make it Big Pants.

  5. Ninja please. I vote #1. Laid-out, three outfits/week - virgos unite!

  6. Today it's a Star Trek sweater dress and big boots. Someday I'll get back into taking pictures (in general and of outfits specifically), but that day has not yet arrived.

  7. Yep, the Decorah Super 8 is pretty crappy...too bad you can't be at Hotel Winn. And go to Rubaiyat if you've got the chance...it's awesome!!

  8. Tricia Helfer is perhaps the most ravenous looking woman ever to appear on tv. Seriously, her lips can barely contain her snarling fangs in most scenes. Plus, I think they had a crazy makeup artist do her whole 'white blonde red dress' look, because later in the series and in other appearances she's made, she looks like a completely different (and better fed) person.