Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A short list.

1. An item for the Midwestern Magical Realism genre:
All the snow has melted and I'm driving on a two-lane highway through misty gray fields. I look to the right and there, in the foggy ditch, is a sodden bald eagle, perched atop a roadkill buck. (I text this to the Brit later and his response is "Damn, America!")

2. Another item for the Midwestern Magical Realism genre:
Most of the snow on the roadside has melted, except for one slim two-foot pillar, atop which a dead raccoon lies in state.

3. Does it seem right that there should be such a phone number as 1-800-75-AMISH? Well, there is one, and every time I drive past the billboard advertising it, I laugh.


  1. How long do raccoons typically lie in state on snow pillars? Or on anything else? The internet is strangely silent on this issue.

  2. Have you called the number???

  3. I am diggin this Midwestern Magical Realism. The eagle would have scared the shit out of me.