Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Odds and ends, loose change, pocket lint.

Remember the last time you had to trot down a hallway with your shower caddy in order to brush your teeth? For me that time was yesterday. There are some advantages to staying in the Super 8, and one of those is having a private bathroom. There's only one bathroom for three bedrooms in ye olde collegiate guesthouse, and trying to time your shower and other morning functions around the schedule of other guests might lead you to have to go use the bathroom in the art building next door. And while you're there, you might hear someone noisily puking in another stall at 8:30 in the morning. I'm just saying. That is how one of my mornings went down this week: urgent eliminations of various kinds in public places.

Apart from that little issue, it was nice to be in a place that's more like a low-key B & B where you never see the proprietor or have to interact with other guests and less like an institutional chain where you are always sniffing around for cigarette smoke even though your hall is supposed to be non-smoking. I had two twin beds, a non-functioning fireplace, weak-ass wifi, and the world's oldest functioning cable TV, which I only needed for LOST anyway. And I was right across the street from my office, and I can't stress enough how wonderful that is.

Other things from this week: dinner was mostly cheese popcorn one night. I always file such culinary events under "awesome things about being an adult." I may have referred to my students as "a$$clowns" in class and later issued a retraction/ apology. "Clowns" would have been sufficient. I fought off, or maybe am still fighting off, a resurgence of that stupid cold. I can never get enough sleep. Yesterday I paid $5 for a chair massage at the co-op while I waited for my chipotle tofu panino to get properly pressed. I think this was the first week I actually taught all the lessons I am supposed to teach (someone always gets sick or has to reschedule), plus 3 extra. I also packed horribly for the weather we ended up having. Somewhere between when I checked the forecast and when I rolled into town, things changed dramatically. I ended up wearing jammies to teach in one day (covered with the ubiqui-hoodie).

I finally uploaded some photos to flickr, including:

Scenes from the road.
refinery by night, from the road

Downtown collegetown.

Midwestern humor.
Midwestern humor

I went to United Noodles for the first time ever this week, on my way out of town. I was bound and determined to get matcha. I saw a picture of a matcha latte last week that had me obsessed. So I got some, and also some coconut Vitasoy, and other Aaaaaasian treats. Why have I never been there before? What an oversight. Of course, while fighting the illness I didn't feel like drinking matcha or anything except herbal boosters. I will keep you posted on this beverage odyssey.

O happy Friday! Tonight is curry and layaboutness.


  1. I will research the matcha. After trying Bill and Dom's awesome green papaya salad I might make a pilgrimage to United Noodles myself.

  2. You are so kicking ass. I am so impressed.

  3. Midwestern humor. Hee.

    Love the assclown bit. That was big of you to retract it.

  4. T Bocks is where they have the burger with American cheese AND peanut butter.

  5. Matcha matcha matcha!!!

    I love it hot,
    I love it cold,
    I hate it not,
    It's fun to hold,
    (In my mouth.)