Friday, May 21, 2010

The end of one thing.

Well, it's over: no more loooooong commutes, no more amazing weeks of teaching, no more buying all my meals at the co-op, no more treating my car like a mobile storage unit, no more meandering trail runs (at least not in IA), no more cooking up diction lectures, no more planning my week's outfits in advance, no more spending my days at the piano. As of next week it's back to my old schedule and job full-time, but I took today off and the Brit and I are heading out shortly to chillax and hike next to Lake Superior for the weekend *angel choir*. Apparently there's some bad road construction on the way up, so the Brit has already located some containers for us to pee in conveniently, should we be completely deadlocked on the road. Remind me to invest in some of those stand-up-to-pee cones they make for the ladies.

Anyway, I have more to say about my semester, but basically I just wanted to say hi.


  1. Nothing like the unexpected mention of pee containers...!

    I needs to get up to the North Shore for real this summer.