Monday, May 03, 2010

Hey, I found out what happens if you let your cilantro go to seed and sit under the snow all winter: adorable baby cilantro seedlings volunteering all over your herb patch! We are so pleased with the number of plants that have come back up this spring, since our gardening acumen is pretty half-assed and predicated entirely on perennials. It helps that this has been the most ridiculously good spring that I can remember in MN. I'm not being hyperbolic either. It didn't snow in March, which has never happened, and then April was long and beautiful. It just feels like everything is a month ahead of schedule.

So now suddenly we've got parsley, thyme, lemon balm, and wee baby cilantro that I wasn't expecting to see again. Loads of oregano and sage and chives, all of which I knew would come back. A kale stump that I never bothered to clear out at the end of the season started growing leaves again, so we're just leaving it where it is. Peonies, lilies, creeping myrtle, golden archangel, and lilies of the valley that I very ineptly transplanted from a friend's yard last year are all thriving. Hostas for days, plus yarrow, coneflower, daisies, sedum, bugleweed, spirea, viburnum, dianthus, willow, and more daylilies than you can shake a stick at. A brave little coral bells plant that keeps trying to grow despite the fact that I've moved it 4 or 5 times. And some other stuff I'm forgetting.

Also, the Brit installed a rain barrel under one of the downspouts, so we are building up our hippie cred.

This weekend, I finally felt like cleaning stuff. The Brit was making his little weekly list of chores and trying to figure out what else to put on it, and I said "if you can think of something in our house, it needs to be cleaned." I don't think that's an exaggeration. Except! Now the floors have been cleaned. I won't tell you the last time this happened. And the first floor has been dusted. And the inside of the fridge has been cleaned and the food restocked. It's a start.

And then I felt very productive about food preparation, which has not happened in weeks, so I made a batch of granola, a mess of pinto beans, a pile of guacamole, a gang of tofu scramble, a flock of chipotle-roasted sweet potatoes. These things will all feed me this week while I'm away. Things have been so busy that I've been buying too much prepared food the last few weeks. You know how that goes.

I have two more weeks of classes, then finals and voice juries. I won't miss the running around, but I hate to think of not spending my best workdays at a piano or in front of a class.

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  1. Very inspirational post about cleaning. Yay for perennials! I'm thankful that my neighbor's sundrops creep under my fence so I can replant them in my gardens.