Friday, August 06, 2010


Officially, these are my favorite things I've ever planted:

bonus bumblebee in this picture

They're sunflowers from heirloom seeds that I nabbed in Iowa back in the spring. I planted them on the sad dirt patch from which I harvested countless rocks last year, out by the garage. I usually refer to this as "the back 40" even though it's probably not even 40 square feet.


The sunflowers are 4-6 feet tall right now and the colors range from bronze to deep red-orange. I have a few more coming up for good measure.


Plus, when I got home yesterday, a pair of goldfinches was snacking on the seeds. Darling yellow birds in orange sunflowers was definitely the best thing I saw all day.


I have some amaranth growing next to the sunflowers, so things are looking rather exciting on the back 40. Also, today on the bike trail I finally disembarked to investigate the fruit hanging off the trees and I think we have greengage plums growing on the trail. It will be a coup for my urban hippie bike commuter cred if I can do some foraging on the ride one of these days.


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous. What's the variety?

  2. I'll try to remember to dig up the seed packet when I get home.

  3. Gorgeousness. I love me some sunflowers, especially the red and orange ones.

  4. Last year I planted sunflowers and the squirrels dug up all the seeds. Did you do something to prevent that?

  5. What in God's name? I've never seen these before. I like 'em so much better than the yellow ones.

  6. Love these! I just got a bouquet of (the traditional yellow) sunflowers and they bring me so much joy - I can only imagine having them growing in my yard! The only issue is finding a sufficiently sturdy vase.

  7. Love these!