Friday, October 15, 2010

Web shopping.

Remember last year when I bought a Prairie Underground hoodie on ebay? No? You don't keep track of my public clothing purchases?


Given that I have worn it literally hundreds of times already, despite having had it for less than a year, I have successfully been able to rationalize buying a second one. I mostly need the second one so that I don't look quite so much like a person who wears the same thing to work every day (n.b.: I am wearing the hoodie pictured above today).

So I just ordered this one, except in brown:

After weeks of internet stalking and failed ebay sniping attempts, I ended up ordering from, one of those aggressively designer-y websites, with a 30% off coupon from the always reliable (Side note: remember how ugly and like, shameful, internet coupon aggregators used to be? This one isn't. It's very cute. And it has saved me a bunch of money.) Considering these hoodies are expensive and they never, ever go on sale unless there's a single one left in XS in an unpopular color, 30% off is significant savings. And, they're U.S.-made out of organic cotton, so these hoodies massage my conscience in addition to being the key to my entire wardrobe at this point.

Speaking of key: you see my feet in the photo up there (welcome google fetishists)? I'm wearing the Vibram FiveFingers Spring Multisport shoes that I got right before we went to England. I call them my "gorilla feet." The whole barefoot/minimalist shoe thing has been intriguing me for awhile now--at least 2.5 years or so, if my own blog is to be trusted--so again after MUCH hemming and hawing and internet shopping and price comparing, I bit the bullet (REI; I'm a member and had a teeeeeny dividend to spend and get free shipping). And I love them. They make me feel like a sprightly elf. They have thoroughly rocked my calf muscles (especially running, which I can only manage for like a block at a time so far). They are correcting the things that lesser shoes have done to my feet over the years. The problem is, they are ruining me for other shoes. My Danskos and Sanitas are not feeling so good anymore. My Keens are still all right, but why so much rubber under the heel, my feet now wonder. I put on a pair of close-fitting ballet flats the other day and couldn't hack it at all. TOO MUCH TOE SQUISH. I'm going to have to get rid of those.

Also, winter is coming. Whatever their other virtues, the gorilla feet aren't waterproof.

Anyway, that's what I've been buying, FYI. (Based on this post, apparently I aspire to look as though I could spring into your yoga class at a moment's notice.)


  1. Man, I do NOT need one of those hoodies. Not at all. Ever.



  2. I actually recall that post about your purchase last year and the second hoodie you are purchasing is the style I most admire.

    I think the 5 finger shoes could make winter boots and we'd buy 'em? Yeah.

  3. OK, my "index toe" is longer than my big toe. Would the gorilla feet still work on me?? I've been intrigued by them too...

  4. I love the hoodie on you and your whole ninja personal style in general. Also, have we discussed barefoot shoeing? I have some low-impact running shoes, Brooks Green Silence. The first time I ran in them, my calves were wrecked, but I've been able to pick back up without a problem.

    Anyway, hi.