Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boot update.

Fit hacks accomplished!

November 19, 2010.

It's very annoying to me when lace-up boots are not adjustable--the tongue is sewn down, the laces are completely decorative, etc. I mean what's the point of laces if not to customize the fit of the boot? The tongue on these boots is tacked down in four places, discreetly stitched to the front of the boot and quite easily detached with a seam ripper. The circumference of the boot is probably big enough to accommodate your standard "athletic" calf as-is, but with the tacking removed, would go up to 19 inches or more (I can give more exact measurements if anyone is interested). I replaced the laces with plain brown waxed cotton cording, about $1.50 worth at Joann Fabrics. I think it's intended for jewelry. No actual shoelaces would have been long enough.

Apart from all that biz, these are comfortable. I've been looking for shoes with thin, flexible soles lately (on the barefoot tip, yo), and these fit the bill. The thin sole will obviously make them totally crap for winter wear, but I have my eyes on every pair of Steger Mukluks that shows up on ebay, so I'll hopefully be trading the green boots for warmer ones when the snow flies (more than it already has). In the meantime, I might make some wool felt insoles.

That's my boot story. The rest of the outfit is a mishmash of thrift and thrift's opposite (Prairie Underground hoodie).

Happy weekending, y'all.


  1. YES on the boots and hoodie! Awesome look.

  2. Well done on the boots. I really love that hoodie. Now I want one too.

  3. If I'm being completely honest, I like the other hoodie better. It's thicker fabric with less stretch, so it's warmer and I'm guessing will hold up better over time.

    If you decide to get a hoodie, there are 30% off coupons floating around for That's where I got mine.

  4. Hoodie is so perfect and so you! I also love your hair with the wee barrette.