Friday, November 12, 2010

I probably should have committed to posting every day but Thursdays. I can't get it together on Thursdays, apparently. It's usually a long day: work all day, then my choir job, and sometimes I teach a lesson in between. But last week I was just languishing sick, so I'm not actually sure what my excuse is. It's a gray, gray day, which is fine for tea and napping but really awful for editing and submitting meeting minutes from the meeting I barely understood. So many acronyms, so many software names, so many things I don't know and don't much care to know. My favorite (actually descriptive and totally appropriate) thing that kept coming up and that I had to google later was COMMON PAYMASTER. Doesn't it sound like a Puritan name, or maybe a fantasy game character? Bow to Common Paymaster. Common Paymaster is preaching on Sunday! Common Paymaster wants to give you 20 gold pieces.

I gleaned as much pep as possible (not that much pep, as it turns out) from a quick midafternoon stride around the park, and I wandered around the union looking for a snack that didn't involve a massive carboload or a bunch of packaging. That turned out to be a fool's errand, but it certainly set me up to be extra jacked when I remembered that I had a bunch of spinach in the office fridge. WOOO SPINACH, the most virtuous of all the snacks! I bet you Common Paymaster gets excited about eating spinach.

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