Saturday, November 13, 2010

I spent my day polishing a job application that I should have finished days ago and then drove it to the airport for expeditious mailing, only to discover that the post office can't guarantee it will get there by the deadline. OOPSIE DAISY. It's a really good application, too, even though my recording is maybe a little bit jive, since I had exactly one recent DVD performance to choose from and it's the one where I'm wearing a Little Mermaid wig. Anyway, now that I've got the video clips together, I may at some point put them on the internets, thereby proving to all of the people in the computer that I do have a professional life in music.

We have big sloppy snow on the ground. So much for the wacky 65 degree days of November.

Have you watched Bob Roberts lately? I told the Brit that when I first saw it many years ago, it seemed to me like hilarious skewering. Watching it in the current political climate is actually kind of chilling. The movie is depressing in its prescience. The disingenuousness and anti-intellectualism of the right, the ridiculous notion that a candidate worth 40 million could be considered a is a cornucopia of very current problems, the most pressing of which is the unholy control that corporations have over government. But I have to go try to get some sleep now, so I won't get into all of that. At least we have the internet now. It's a lot easier for an average person to do some fact-checking, should she wish to do so.

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  1. I remember Bob Roberts being hilarious too, and I should totally go back and re-watch it now. Thanks for the rec.