Sunday, November 07, 2010

La la la.

Tonight I got to sing in a mock rehearsal for a friend's job audition DVD. I know that sounds sort of complicated and nonsensical, but basically he needed footage of himself conducting and so 5 of us convened in a chapel with excellent acoustics and and sang chamber music for 3 hours. I miss this--I used to sing in a quartet as part of my grad school assistantship, so for a few years I had weekly rehearsals and frequent performances with people/singers I really love. You don't become a musician to go sit in a room and practice alone, after all.

One of the things we busted through was this:

Except we were one to a part and had never sung it together before. We still rocked it.

It was a deeply peaceful way to spend my evening.


  1. That sounds amazing.

    Also, thank you for the link to the Chicago/Nashville bike blog.

  2. That is some serious gorgeousness right there.

    I get pretty excited over hearing a good tenor line, sung powerfully. That may be the result of years of singing in community choirs, where only 15 of the 100 voices were men and those men were 95 years old.

    In both my high school and college choirs we sang "Cantique de Jean Racine," and I kept a recording of it that was done by some professional choir so that I could listen to this one tenor line in the middle over and over and over again like a freak.