Monday, November 01, 2010


Pretty much the only way I can guarantee a steady flow of blog content is to commit to daily posting every November. Unfortunately for you, there is no way to guarantee any particular level of quality on a daily basis, but I'll try.

Some things, mundane and otherwise:

Thing 1: a jerk or jerks smashed one of the windows in my car the other night. The car was (per usual) fulla crap and nothing was stolen. Probably because the majority of the crap was music books? I don't know. The super-fun detail about the smash is that every surface of the car, including the music books, was encrusted with glass cubes. Another fun detail is that no one had the window in stock and the window people are overnighting one from Fargo, so the car's been sitting in the garage since Saturday.

Thing 2 is that my phone is crapping out. I'm trying to resist buying a smartphone, because I don't think I need one even though they are sexay. Mostly I don't want another contract. But if you're not renewing a contract, phones seem very expensive all of a sudden. I'm wading through a profusion of new (yet old) phones on ebay for a quick phone fix, so if any of you have a beloved old GSM phone model to recommend, let me know.

Thing 3, more important than the prior two things: one of my good friends, who was up until today also happily my coworker and partner in cubicle prairie-dogging (you know, when you stand up to talk to someone in another cube), up and moved to Oakland with her husband. Technically they are leaving tomorrow, but we said goodbye amid our cubes today and then I had to get a little weepy at my desk, even though I am so happy for them about their adventure. And fortunately I still have one office mate I really like.

Thing 4, slightly less current: I feel like I've been word-barfing all over the internet about how I finally got into Battlestar Galactica, but I'll just take the opportunity to do it here as well. If you have ever experienced even passing enjoyment of sci-fi, but definitely if you like great acting, great writing, and nuanced explorations of war, politics, and the Other, and the question of what exactly you are preserving when you try to save humanity, you should get up on it, immediately. I loved it and I love it. I want to watch it all again. Also, because I was dying to talk about the show, but was watching it solo, I simultaneously got way into the recaps at Television Without Pity, so I can recommend those to you too. I think it helps that the recapper is also way into Buffy and Friday Night Lights, so it was obvious to me that he could be trusted.

Thing 5 and enough already: I'm trying to walk at least 15 miles a week. Last week was a bust (shit weather), but the previous 3 were all good. I did over 4 today, so I think this week's a go too. I jumped off the bus by the bakery and took an extra long route home, along the lakes, which was awesome, and probably the best way to fit this stuff in if I don't want to walk in the dark after dinner. We lose the evening light starting next week, so this week's crisp, golden, early evening walks will be bittersweet. Alas, alas.


    1. Oh fun, I like your writing. I just finished a month of blogging and now technically I said I'd be doing NaNoWriMo but I unless I "risk penalty of death" and use my 3800 words from last year then I think I'm already screwed.

    2. #4-Yeah for BSG! When you're done, watch Firefly to cushion the landing, then both seasons of Twin Peaks, (but NOT the Fire Walk with Me movie-blech)

      'didn't know it would take unsolicited TV show recommendations to pull me outta lurkdom, didja? ;)

    3. I finished BSG and I'm BEREFT, still. I've got Firefly in the queue. I don't know if I would like Twin Peaks now--watched when it was first on and it scared the crap out of me.

    4. I like it when you blog. Also, I don't really like sci fi but I'm going to try BSG sometime.