Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pictures of the cat.

It's likely that a lot of my NaBloPoMo content will actually be cat pictures. Such as these.

Investigating a weird-ass pumpkin.

One of my students volunteers at the landscape arboretum and he brought me this alleged pumpkin awhile back. I love it. It looks like a sculpture. So that's how I'm treating it for now.

Investigating a weird-ass pumpkin.


  1. The gourd matches Ace's eyes!

    This weekend Archie, the neighbor's black cat entered our yard, walked through the slightly open back door and meandered upstairs. There he encountered a very excited/pissed off pit bull and took refuge behind the bath tub. Robert isolated the dog and released the cat back into the yard. His owner said, "yeah, Archie isn't afraid of dogs."