Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We just started watching Parks and Recreation. Thanks, Netflix Instant Watch! Previously, we were enjoying nightly escape to Cornwall via Doc Martin, the British show about a crabby hemophobic village GP, but we finished all of those. And I finally made it through the Firefly pilot but I suspect the Brit will not join me for the rest of the space Western. If I go into space I usually have to do it by myself, which is fine.

Today was another day of unbelievable weather, so warm that it's shocking when 5 PM rolls around and it's already dark. At lunchtime, I hit the river trails and found myself thinking about trying to do some big (bloggable) project like walking all of the dedicated bike/walk trails in town, which I think I would actually really like to do. This is just a terrible time of the year to start that kind of a project, unless I just pick one every weekend and do it like that. I mean it's possible to go do them after work, thereby knocking out more mileage weekly, but what's the point of clocking some new hiking trail in the dark?

I gotta quit leaving this blogging thing til the end of the day.

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  1. Dude, Parks and Recreation gets funnier and funnier the further it goes. Mustache-guy (I can't remember his name right now, obviously) is my FAVORITE. He has a framed picture of breakfast in his office! Oh, Ron Swanson! I just remembered.