Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yo baby yo.

Here, let me celebrate my unintentional break from NaBloPoMo with another Etsy roundup, this time for the adorable munchkins in your life.

Shanghai Baby yoga pants by Mokupepe

Boo Winter Coat by belleandboo

Wool slippers from upcycled sweaters by woolybaby

Charlie Bird print by matteart

Organic hand-dyed and screenprinted BMX bike shirt by WrenWillow

Memory matching game by LemonTreeStudio

I Want to Rock With You print by yumalum

Terracotta and blue beanie and booties set by carameldiezel

Dixie the Triggle by morninglori

Retro Coveralls by redpajamas

I seem to be getting another cold, to my great, great irritation. I'm going to take some vitamins and try to ward it off. Wish me luck.

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