Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bits and bobs and odds and sods.

Hello holiday chickens. I feel like I need to report on Dressember, since I haven't been taking any pictures. My first confession is that I spent at least 48 solid hours of this still-young week in pajamas. We have a mandatory furlough this week, which is sort of like vacation but more military-sounding and with less (no) pay. As a result, I ain't doing jack shit, which is awesome. I have watched about 20 episodes of Bones.

On Christmas Eve I was on pageant duty as usual (part of my church gig; the pageant is in my contract) and somehow found myself on the 23rd of December going "awwww shit, why do I still not have a white shirt?" I have had this church gig for 11 years and the dress code for the pageant (white top, black bottom) has not changed, and yet I have a total block about white shirts. I would never tell you that a crisp white button-down is a wardrobe essential unless you are that way inclined! Although it does seem that some sort of white top is a wardrobe essential for ME and I just refuse to grasp that fact. So there I was on December 23, shopping, the absolute last thing I wanted to be doing, and as I rifled through the consignment racks for everything remotely white I flashed back to last year, when I was doing the same thing at the same time. Bah, white! Bah, I say. But I found something that actually fits my aesthetic, more or less, and it was $10 and will fit next year whether I lose weight, gain weight, or give up this church gig. And unfortunately it looked stupid with my black skirts, so I caved and wore it with pants.

Apart from these wardrobe kerfuffles (or non-kerfuffles), there have been a few skirty outfits. Cute ones, even! And you may rest assured that I will repeat them later, photograph them then, and document. I have honestly had not the slightest inclination to wear pants this entire month (apart from the pajama pants that I wear even now). And my boot wardrobe has magnified, thanks in part to my husband's Chrimbo gift of North Face Adrianne IV boots, and to me boots mean skirts. For there is no scenario in which I will be able to tuck pants into boots, given that all my pants have the widest legs possible and all my boots have nary a whit of space to be given over to anything other than calf. So boots mean skirts, and I'm going to keep on wearing them even when all of this Dressember biznass is over.

Okay I do tuck pants into boots in one circumstance, and that is when I am wearing pajama pants and I put on wellies in order to go out into the snow to move my car. But even that I did not have to do this week, despite the snow emergency and the 48 hours of pajamas, because my husband moved my car. Since he takes up the entire garage, I think this is only fair.

I have been on a diet of cookies for about 2 weeks. The less said about this, the better, though I will probably share a cookie recipe with you in the next few days. It uses whole wheat flour, so, you know. Marginally more virtuous.

The ceiling stopped leaking, at least for the time being. The recipe for continued success seems to be hyper-vigilance w/r/t raking snow off of the roof in problem areas, along with chucking some salt pucks up there to open channels for melt water to escape. Yeah, salt on the roof/in the gutters is not the optimum solution for anything, but it's what we've got until we can undertake the larger, shittier project of reinsulating/remodeling/reroofing or whatever else needs to be re-ed in the spring. The cats really enjoyed it when the couch was in the middle of the room due to the leak, though, so we probably left it there longer than was strictly necessary.

As for the cats, things seem to be going well. I'm pretty sure Momo has blocked anal glands and I'm absolutely sure I'm not going to be the one to express them, but apart from that everyone is continuing to adapt to life with two kitties. I've now seen Ace subject her to 4 savage groomings, where he vigorously licks her head and face and it's adorable and then he chomps her in the neck and a fight ensues and I break it up. (Upon reflection, maybe it's not so much a grooming as it is a tenderizing.) And they have both slept in bed with us at the same time, Ace by our feet and Momo stretched wayyyyy out between us with her feet in the Brit's face. It's very cute but not the most comfortable situation if you want to be able to roll over freely. When the cats are not antagonizing/making friends with each other, I often find Momo playing in the tub OR, awesomely, sleeping in the cat bed Ace turned his back on long ago.

Family Christmas festivities were lovely as always. Really, if you're in town some year you should come over. As an added bonus this year, I got to be in hysterics for about a half hour as my 28-year-old sister unwrapped her very own American Girl doll and a whole crapload of handmade (by Mom) doll clothes, squealing steadily the whole time. I had further hysterics when my mother revealed that she'd rigged the gift exchange drawing so as to get Em as her giftee and make all of this happen. It was truly a (devious, weird) Christmas miracle. I actually laughed hard enough that when I had to go back and sing 5 solos at the late service, I was a little concerned about the state my voice was in. Oopsie.

Today I actually left the house (in a skirt) and scored some thrift cardigans and enjoyed my new boots and the sun and warmth (maybe 30 degrees F? dudes, that's balmy and I took my coat off to go in and out of the shops). But now I have to get back to my schedule of Bones-viewing, and after that I'm hoping for 12 hours of sleep (it hasn't happened yet on this furlough, but I have high hopes).


  1. Thank you - this was like a lovely Christmas letter! I would've loved to have heard your five solos and seen your white shirt get-up, skirt or not. Did you get the pic of me with your Nashville relations? I ran into them at brunch last weekend. Always delightful and bizarre. Love the fierce cat grooming taking place at yours.

  2. Aw, man--I keep meaning to reply that my stupid new phone WILL NOT download picture messages. I didn't think this would be a huge deal when I got it, but it really is pretty annoying. I saved the msg anyway in case I figure out some other way to get at it.

  3. Just spent a half hour squeeing at all of the new kitty pics. She's adorable and they seem like they're getting on so well! And how do you always end up with the kitties who want to sleep belly side up? So sweet.