Wednesday, December 01, 2010


It is the month of Dressember, so in honor of the stupidly cold weather AND my half-assed projects (see NaBloPoMo), I will be wearing mostly dresses (but sometimes skirts) all month long. I thought I wouldn't have enough goodies to do this without wearing a lot of the same stuff over and over, but in reviewing my wardrobe remix shots and my photos of unsold inventory, I realized that I actually have quite a few options. I am in fact wearing a skirt pillaged from shop inventory today, because it fits perfectly and I am not currently running my shop. The shop was getting to be a thing that hung over my head instead of a fun little side project, so I decided a break was in order.

I also realized (again, after reviewing photographic evidence) that I have gotten rid of so many things that I now wish I still had. This includes items that I sold but wish I had kept for myself, like for example several 70s wrap skirts that I would now put to good use. Ah well, this is the price I pay for being productively ruthless in my closet. On the other hand, I have a closetful of stuff that I never got around to listing in my shop, and that is ripe for the picking, so it's not like I'm living a pared-down life either.

Anyway, I'll be posting the dresses/not dresses on flickr, but many of my outfit photos are friends/family only (I was having to block several fetishists of various kinds per week). If you're on flickr and we're not contacts yet, hook me up.

I can already tell this will be challenging. Besides the weather issue, I find that I struggle a lot with function and style in my clothing, even though I don't think the two need to be at odds. Today I like the way this pencil skirt looks and feels, but I'm super-annoyed at how hard it is to walk while wearing it, even with my shorter barefoot-style gait. Maybe that's why I was originally going to sell this skirt instead of keep it. I don't think I have a lot of other dresses/skirts that aren't practical for getting around in. As far as I'm concerned, there's no reason dailywear should impede my motions in any way.

Anyway, join me if you're up for it. I might have have to do some tights-shopping.


  1. Woot!

    Looking forward to the photos. I wear dresses all the time because ALL pants on me are what I call Fat Pants (which is fun to say if not to live).

    I have to block all sorts of fetishists when I post shoe photos, so I feel you on that issue. I've seen more surprise penises than I care to admit s a result of investigating (and then blocking) the strangers who come out of left field to fave my shoe photos.

  2. I was mulling the idea of playing along with Dressember, glad you're doing it! I have two words for you for tights, if you don't already know - Sock Dreams. Wool-lined tights! Many colors! Free shipping! thing high wool socks! I like them.

  3. I have used before and am going there now! I just wish they had a better website. Psst: most of their over-the-knee socks work as knee highs for plus-size folk or the generally large of leg. I have some of their giant sweater socks too, but I can't imagine a situation in which I'd wear those with a shortish skirt. They add about two inches of girth to each leg.

    Jane, I'd say 99% of pants are fat pants on me, for real.

  4. Oh my god, Kyla. Sock Dreams might change my life.

  5. I take it back--the website is wayyyy better than it used to be.

  6. Yay! Going to check out Sock Dreams now, good tip about their over-the-knee socks.

  7. Hell yes it's time to shop for tights! Your wardrobe remix photos are a beautiful memory. Can't wait for the revival.

  8. L's Sister12/2/10, 11:38 AM

    Realized on this December 2, that I am inadvertently playing along with Dressember. What fun!