Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five.

Things I am digging, that is:

1. Pomplamoose covers.

I love how low-key the singer is, and how hyped the dude is, a dynamic that is evident all over their videos. I have a few of their covers on my ipod, but a friend posted some of these videos on FB this morning and I am totally charmed. Everything they do is adorable yet not twee. Mostly because of Nataly Dawn.

Look at their youtube channel for more goodness, including Mr. Sandman, La vie en rose, Beat It...they're on some commercial too, but I can't think what.

Aw heck, here's one more video, with a bonus funky grandma:

2. Dressember. Yes, I more or less said this already, but I'll say it again even though I failed at getting dressed this morning (thought too hard, ended up in mostly black): I am digging the Dressember project. You can sing "Dressember" to the tune of the previous song if you like.

3. Ork Posters finally made a Minneapolis version.

So nice! Keewaydin/Wenonah holla!

4. Choir practice. You may not know this, but I am generally not crazy about singing in choirs. I totally understand why people get big thrills and soul-nutrition out of doing it, but it's pretty much always been a job for me, and my basic perspective during practice has often been on the order of "okay *I* am doing everything right but no one else is and so we have to keep repeating ad vomitum, wahhhhhhh." I still don't enjoy that aspect of choral singing, but at some point this season I just got a better attitude about actually being there. I can still zone out mid-rehearsal or get a big hate-on for a piece that sucks, but generally choir been a source of fellow-feeling, which is the entire point of communal singing.

5. Hunkering down. Apparently there is a big, massive, giant storm coming this weekend.

The weather blogger who posted this picture actually said "colors I haven't seen before," which I think is hilarious (clicking the pic will take you to the post). I'm not like a huge snow lover, but I don't mind laying in some supplies and having an Arrested Development (or whatever) marathon, and maybe busting out the snowshoes and the sweet Cloudveil softshell pants I found NWT at a consignment store for $20. I will not be doing that if the windchill is -30, however.

Anyway, a snowstorm is a good excuse to get cozy, and who doesn't like cozy?

If you can think of 5 things you dig today, let me know.


  1. I'm listening to that Beyonce cover on repeat right now.

  2. That singer is on a Target commercial right now, and when C saw it, he said, "Is that really her, singing?" Because her look and voice do not seem to match, or something. Me gusta, though.

    Also! I lurve that poster!

  3. I think it's because she looks so uninvolved when she sings.