Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I loves me kitties.

Momo is a lithe, slinky, perky little cat, the exact opposite of Ace except in terms of extrovert engagement with humans: they both have that, and we're so glad. I like a cat that follows you around like a dog. She just seems like a well-adjusted animal, completely unfazed by an entirely new house and cat cohort. She has eaten the food, she has used the litterbox, she has slept happily in her quarantine room overnight (twice) and on our bed overnight (once). Plus, she smells like she's been rolling in dryer sheets.

Ace has moved from being unimpressed and skeptical to trying to lick her once or twice. They seems to want to investigate each other a lot but aren't yet cuddling up in a pile, which is my personal goal for this whole project. I busted out the cat tunnel (in which Ace has shown minimal interest historically) and it has been a great mediator. They sit at either end of it and stare at each other, or wage war from inside it. Mo generally rolls over at Ace, but growls simultaneously, which cracks me up: "I am fierce yet submissive!"

Since I know you all to be people who will look at internet videos of other people's cats, I will throw one up here as soon as I can edit one down to a reasonable length.

Not cat-related: we have ice dams on the roof, which is not new, but what IS new is that melt water has backflowed into the house and now the living room ceiling is leaking, BAH HUMBUG. Apparently everyone and her donkey is having the same problem today (it is "warm" at 30 degrees F--believe me, this is actually quite warm) and we won't be able to get a dude with a steamer on the roof until tomorrow. The person I finally got ahold of literally answered his phone from another roof. Which I guess is a kind of endorsement.


  1. Hooray, Mo and Ace!

    Boo, ice dams!

  2. So sweet!!! Glad you found one of M's kitties a new home. Sounds like they're doing great :)

  3. A few days in, and there's already been licking? I'd call that an unqualified success. Our newer cat just licked the older cat for the first time a few weeks ago. We got him in September 2009. Which is to say: congrats!

    Ice dams on the roof sound like some bullshit (i.e., the opposite of cake in the house). I have never heard of anyone steaming a roof.

  4. Dude - a coworker of mine went up to his roof to investigate after their dining room ceiling leaked on them, and he found that the roof vent was blocked with snow. Once he cleared free the vent, the ceiling stopped dripping inside. At least. Just FYIing. :)

  5. Dude--ours is def a dam, but I'll see if there's a vent near the leakage that might be compounding the problem.

    Also, my coworker who gave us the cat just said that Mo learned the submissive flop-and-growl from her dogs. That's how they play.

  6. Ice dam is some bullshit but some exciting, crazy bullshit! I hope the balmy weather continues and no further damage is done.

    And I am so with LoKel on this -- licking on week one is a huge deal. I am so looking forward to their migration to the cat pile.