Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had all these visions of relaxed productivity for this week, even though I really only have 3 days off: organizing the basement, cleaning up my sad neglected Etsy shop, sewing some diaper inserts that friends asked me to make like four months ago, getting my bike tuned up and then riding it--you know, STAYCATION stuff. But unsurprisingly, I promptly got sick. While I appreciate that my body waited to break down until I had some days when I could actually sleep, I'm a little annoyed that I'm watching all this good weather from indoors under my laptop. If I had hammock--hahaha, I'm singing this now: "If I had a hammock, I'd hammock in the morning/ in the evening/ all over this land"--anyway, if I had a hammock, I could wrap up and nap in the sun like a Victorian invalid taking a seaside rest cure, but I have no hammock. Now whose fault is that?

So instead of these fun house projects I had planned, I started doing my/our taxes today. I say "my/our" because part of the exercise is figuring out whether it makes sense to file jointly this year or not. I love/hate the tax process. Part of me thinks it's fun to line up all my little receipts and finally figure out how much money I made, and part of me wishes someone else would just do it for me. But it needs doing and was on my list for the week, so I guess I'm not having a complete failure of a staycation after all.

One of the other things on my list is "put away shovel" and I'm pretty sure I can handle that today, even in my weakened state. I'd prefer to be in a WEEKEND state.

I also dropped out of a competition I was going to do this weekend. There was my illness to consider first of all, and secondly I had insomnia on Sunday night--who gets insomnia when SICK, for corn's sake?--and found that one of the things wigging me out about my week was the idea of spending most of it rehearsing for the competition. I hadn't been able to work with my pianist since January, and then she was out of town the last two weekends, so we were going to be cramming this week, which is not the most effective way to work on music. Also I have to plan the whole second half of the semester--i.e. the French diction half--this week. So in the early hours of Monday I emailed my pianist and the local competition coordinator and bailed out, and immediately felt better. Not health-wise, mind you, but mentally.

Remember the Pro-Choice Resources Bowlathon that I've done for the past several years? That's this week too, and oh my friends, I have been a fundraising slacker this year. So I'll pause here to replace my bitching with pitching: Pro-Choice Resources is a great local organization that addresses reproductive health issues along the full continuum of need: from unplanned pregnancy and disease prevention to directly reducing barriers to reproductive health services, including abortion. It's not a clinic or lobbying organization; instead, they focus on education, community outreach, and individual empowerment. They have one of the only secular, non-political discussion and support groups for women who have had an abortion; they run a comprehensive sex ed website for young people; they have an abortion assistance fund to assist low-income women with the costs of abortion. (This fund, by the way, has seen a huge uptick in applications in this economy, and with the restrictions just signed into law as part of health care "reform," applications to the fund will continue to increase.)

I choose to concentrate my giving and my fundraising on reproductive justice because I think it's at the core of so many issues: education, poverty, gender equality, racism, personal freedom. I support Pro-Choice Resources because access to comprehensive sex ed, contraception, and a full spectrum of reproductive health care services is a huge problem in this country. Want to join me? You can donate to my Bowlathon fundraising effort here: Thank you, as ever, to those who have donated already.

Oh good, I talked myself out of bitching. Time for a nap. Oh, if I had a hammock, it would be the hammock of justice! The hammock of freedom! Of love between my sisters and brothers all over this land!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Awesome sentences from a work-related document.

"Vaccinators can be vaccinated at the time they begin vaccinating but it may be preferable to vaccinate vaccinators earlier than that to eliminate the possibility that the vaccinators may be experiencing vaccine-related symptoms and not feel well enough to work for a few days (possibly up to 1/3), usually ~7-10 days after being vaccinated. Each state will determine how they will vaccinate vaccinators."

Doesn't that just melt your eyeballs?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A short list.

1. An item for the Midwestern Magical Realism genre:
All the snow has melted and I'm driving on a two-lane highway through misty gray fields. I look to the right and there, in the foggy ditch, is a sodden bald eagle, perched atop a roadkill buck. (I text this to the Brit later and his response is "Damn, America!")

2. Another item for the Midwestern Magical Realism genre:
Most of the snow on the roadside has melted, except for one slim two-foot pillar, atop which a dead raccoon lies in state.

3. Does it seem right that there should be such a phone number as 1-800-75-AMISH? Well, there is one, and every time I drive past the billboard advertising it, I laugh.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Taking up space.