Friday, January 07, 2011

Making stuff (besides cat vids).

I've been looking for maxi-long knit skirts lately and there just aren't any that meet my specs, except really expensive ones. And then I thought, yeesh, how hard can it be to make a long knit skirt? So this week, instead of completely crashing in front of the TV after work every night, I took my computer into the basement (to stream some entertainment, specifically Bones) and set myself up to get crafty on the work table I rigged. And I tried (vainly) to keep the cats out of my sewing stuff.

I used a vintage maxi skirt as a kind of template for size and shape and cut the "pattern" (I use the term loosely) out of some spandexy fabric that I have had for at least ten years. The front pieces are cut on the bias because for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to have a chevron pattern in front without really considering how hard it would be for a novice sewer to keep the stripes lined up while sewing stretchy fabric. Then on the back the stripes are vertical. The fabric is so stretchy that I didn't really need to do an elastic or drawstring waist. I just made a big-ass obi-style sash. All the seams are zig-zag stitched.

Here's the front:
January 7, 2011.

And the back:
Skirt back.

Aaaaand the side:
Skirt side.

I'll probably do a fuller version in some solid color. Lord knows I have enough stash fabric to get me through many a winging-it project.


  1. Awesome job! The chevron effect looks cool. I really want to do more (heck, any) sewing this year. I've had ideas for some knit pieces and had been thinking of getting a serger for it, but maybe I'll just try a zig zig stitch before making that investment.

  2. Could it be any more perfect? Seriously, it is so great and I can't see any problems with it. Also, you know I gotta say: nice Haven ass.

  3. You are a genius. I broke my bobbin on my first sewing project and have yet to fix it.

  4. Very impressive. Looks great!

  5. Lady you get gorgeous-er every damn day. (and why the hell did I not know about this blog? I could have been wasting time here for MONTHS! Rectifying now.

  6. Welcome to the cat tales, Kelly.

  7. I enjoy this skirt very much and may commission one? I guess I have my own machine too...