Thursday, February 17, 2011

A list unified only by the sequential numbering.

1. Have you ever been about to buy something on Amazon and then literally the second you go to press the "place order" button, the price of the item doubles? I was hemming and hawing about two pairs of El Naturalista mary janes that were 70% off and when I decided to buy them, the decision was pre-empted by the mysterious end of the sale. Sad.

2. It's 45 degrees, yo! Death to ice dams! Also, it feels so good to take walks again. I mean, I'll walk when it's colder, just with less enthusiasm.

3. We need to go on vacation. I crowdsourced locale recommendations already on facebook, but welcome further suggestions. Pluses: easy to get to, quiet, beachy, vegetarian food. Minuses: partyers, spring break-ers.

4. Every time I get in the shower, Momo races from wherever she is in the house and jumps in. She usually jumps out shortly thereafter, but yesterday she was in and out of the shower 4 times, and actually hung out in there for awhile, so that I had to towel her off after I toweled myself off. Her coat is very shiny and sleek.

5. I made peanut butter banana bread last night, using this recipe as a guide. I upped the PB content, reduced the sugar by half, veganized the recipe, and chucked in a half cup of cacao nibs because I had them on hand. It's delicious. I wish I'd brought some to work. But it needs more peanut butter. More, I tell you!

6. On Saturday I spent like 10 hours watching TV (and drinking) with LA, as promised. It was awesome, though it ended up being Parks and Recreation instead of My So-Called Life. We blew up the giant air mattress and replaced the coffee table with it, thereby converting the couch into a massive chaise longue. I'm definitely going to do this kind of thing again.

7. The best item on my to-do list is "STOP FUCKING AROUND." I put it there after applying for a job too late meant the position had already been filled. It was a one-month summer teaching gig that might have been a PITA to take, but that's beside the point.

8. Another good item on my to-do list is "Learn Heartbreaker," as in the Pat Benatar song. I thought it would make a good karaoke number. I probably put it on my to-do list a year ago.

9. Also, I have been working on my belt voice, like actually vocalizing in my belt register in addition to the usual operatic warblings. This information is probably of very limited interest (like this entire blog). I just find that I'm wanting more information both on how to do this and how to teach it, because frankly only 1 of my current students is interested in singing classical music and the rest of them still deserve to get good technical instruction from me.

10. Someone bring me a cookie, or better yet, I'm going to go for a walk and get one.

11. I love my Wisconsin-heavy facebook feed right now. Everyone's out protesting the governor's bullshit and talking about it. Power to the people!


  1. I feel your pain on number 1. I just discovered El Naturalista this winter and now have two pair of their boots. I would love 70% off, but I would still probably hem and haw all the same -- it's in my nature.

  2. Indeed about the belt voice. Maybe I need a to-do list.

  3. W, I am totally figuring out how to do some things, belt-wise. I just have almost no language to explain it to anyone else, esp beginnerish students who are using too much chest register anyway.

  4. Good list. I miss having a shower cat! Olive was technically a bath cat, but I just loved her companionship in that setting. She'd sit on the side of the tub and bliss out while her tail slowly uncurled into the water.

    Also: I just went for a hike in shorts and a t-shirt, and I got hot. Then I thrifted a perfect 1970s hot pink, polyester, v-neck, button-up, long-sleeved "blouse" with a tie.

  5. Why you trying to break my heart? The snow's coming back this weekend and the 40+ degree weather is gone, gone, gone.

  6. I want to hear you sing Heartbreaker. The day will come. I will it so.

  7. It would make a great duet. Let's make that happen.

  8. What exactly *is* a belt-register? (I could google it, yes, but I bet you will be more interesting).

    And - I have all sorts of vacation thoughts. How "easy" does easy to get to mean?

    AND - I went to a karaoke party a couple of weekends ago SO MUCH FUN (and I really can't sing). I belted out a terrible rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." It's a goodie.

  9. I may get back to you on belt voice. In the meantime, "easy to get to" means direct flights from Minneapolis. I don't want to spend too much time in transit because the vacation itself probably will only be 5-7 days.

  10. I'm in a new neighborhood now--come by and check it out if you're so inclined!