Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Tonight I'm all over this song:

I need to get some more new stuff on emusic and then I think I'm going to cut it loose. What do you recommend? It can be old or new.

Is it wrong that I'm kind of excited for my friend's sinus surgery? I mean it's going to vastly improve her quality of life so yay, but also I will be participating in the recovery in a very specific way, with My So-Called Life (now on Hulu Plus; use my referral link to get a free trial if you aren't already using it) and nail polish, plus snacks and things, for much of the day Saturday. I really need to plan these events regularly instead of waiting for someone to be laid up and wanting company.

Still, so far this year I am doing better about seeing my friends (and convalescent visits totally count). I'm a homebody anyway, and in the winter it is the easiest thing in the world to just stay warm/stay home on the weekends. Considering that my workplace is neither a thing of beauty nor a joy forever, it behooves me to make sure I have some plans each weekend so that I am filling the well with stuff other than work stuff. I can do my chillaxing on the weeknights that I don't have rehearsals/teaching.

I owned Tuesday. It was that day where you cross everything off your to-do list, and then think of other things to do and then do them, and your ipod is just feeling you so you don't have to skip any songs on shuffle. I wish every day felt so productive. Wednesday was not owned, or at least not by me. I hope you owned it.

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