Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, it finally happened, just a few hours shy of March. I maxed out on winter. I've been pretty philosophical about winter this time around, even on the days when it's 20 below, because that's just what you do to get through it. You put on a bunch of clothes and just get out there and enjoy whatever there is to enjoy.

But today I was in the least zen place of all time, the co-op parking lot at rush hour in the cold. I realize that sentence makes me sound like a bourgeois asshole and maybe I am, but you can't imagine the stress of negotiating a too-small parking lot on a busy street when winter parking restrictions are in effect (no parking on the even side of the street til April!) and the lot and streets are smaller than usual because of allllll the snowwwww AND all the bourgeois assholes are trying to pick up groceries for dinner at the same time. I have been in this same situation at least once a week for months now, but today I reached the end of my rope.

This is too bad because it's definitely not over yet.

It's just that I started thinking about warm weather, and being on a bike, and throwing a bag of groceries into my bike basket, and weaving my way out of the lot, and riding home past the lines of stopped cars, and I just couldn't deal with the snow anymore. I'm tired of the streets being single lane, and I'm tired of not being able to park in front of my house, and I'm tired of people parking in front of the walkway that I bust my ass to keep clear, and I'm tired of Momo escaping into the snow whenever I bring groceries into the house. I need another couple of days in the 40s. Seriously, it's that pathetic.

And I only have one episode of Studio 60 left to watch.


  1. Oh, girl. Winter fatigue, when it sets in, is crushing. I have significantly less tolerance for it of course, but I do know the feeling. And February is usually when I feel it the most.

  2. Feeling you. I just walked to the store in the cold and the wind and was thinking to myself that I cannot wait for a time when going outside is no longer something to be endured.

  3. My sympathies. Shit gets real when it interferes with picking up dinner. Perhaps it'll make bike season all the sweeter.

  4. So feeling you. It has been close to -30C overnight all week and we aren't supposed to warm up until after the weekend. I AM DONE. And yet, I know winter isn't :(

    Oh, and I like you, bourgeois asshole or not :)

  5. You just brought me back to the sheer misery of winter in Boston -- not that it compares to what you guys have had this season, but I feel your pain. Come on, Spring!!!

  6. First of all, I love the name of your blog. And you are very clever! I also noticed that you're from Minneapolis. I too am from Minnesota and remember those cold, cold days!!!!