Friday, March 18, 2011

Easily pleased.

We have a so-called "floating holiday" today and it's been the main thing getting me through this week, on the real. It's not even that work is so terribly stressful, but we're having some (more) staff turnover and trying to hire someone and you know what, I'm not going to talk about work. I have today off, to which we must all say AMEN, and the Brit is at SXSW, so I shall be knocking around the house alone (with cats) in a serious spring cleaning mood, doing things like mopping the floor whilst bumping the tunes. Maybe that doesn't sound like fun to you, but I am thrilled. Especially now that the snow is melting away in earnest and you can tell that it WANTS to be warm outside, even though it is not quite warm yet.

Some other to-do items include taking my sewing machine in for a tune-up, weatherproofing all of my boots, and continuing to scan all of my old papers and programs and recycling the hard copies. I've been carrying around a lot of paper for a long time, and I finally grasped that I will not be getting an advanced degree in English any time soon, so it's time for the class notes from undergrad to go. Same for all of the recital/performance programs. I've been doing this in fits and starts for a few weeks and I'm being ruthless--though I have been engaging in a lot of nostalgic re-reading of my writing (and, um, old email correspondence that I printed out back when email and storage and archiving of same were all novelties. I have some hilarious email from the old days.) It seems appropriate that I've been listening to Kate Bush and k.d. lang and other stuff that was in heavy rotation in the early 90s while I do this purge.

And speaking of music, this week in a voice lesson I played "Dancing Queen" and also "Beat It" on the piano, not something I ever thought I would do for any reason but certainly not in a voice lesson. Whatever: my student is 11 so it's all about keeping singing fun, and she brought the books. It did make me think that I should buy some more pop sheet music. I have to confess that I have been reading a lot of chord charts on the innernet lately and playing along with Radiohead and Neko Case in the basement. It's a super-dorky thing to do but it's the only way I'm going to get better at winging it at the piano. I think I'm going to order a k.d. lang songbook, actually. I still totally love Ingenue--great songs, great singer, and I've just now flashed back to the fact that I owned a k.d. lang and the Reclines TAPE when I was like 14. How did that happen?

Sound quality is worse here (in some ways) but the performance is superior:

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  1. She's got a new record coming out that a fella I know produced. I hear it is amazalatin'.