Saturday, March 19, 2011

I hate the physical act of getting up early, but once I've cleared that hurdle I love being up. I had to be downtown at clinic escort training at 7:30 (which, for the record, is earlier than I have to be anywhere ever), so I was up in the dark and out in the fog. Actual fog, not mental. The training was good. It was interesting. And I think this will be a good introduction to volunteering for reproductive justice in a more hands-on way, since being a clinic escort directly benefits women and girls who are accessing legal health care and who have a right to do so without harassment. Also, evidently this particular clinic is pretty low-key in terms of the anti-choice protesters it attracts. It's not a freestanding building, so it can't be surrounded. There were only two protesters there today, and they're regulars.

We were done training by 9:30 and then I headed to the co-op to recycle about 6 months' worth of plastics and buy some green vegetables. It was all very virtuous. By 10:15 I was eating falafel in my car. Then I had an ill-fated trip to a sewing machine repair shop that has closed down, a stop at Goodwill, a stop at another sewing machine repair shop where I successfully dropped off my machine for a tune-up, and a stop at a new Everyday People location where I heard the following obnoxious exchange in the dressing rooms:

Annoying woman 1 (in response to the music changing to God Only Knows by the Beach Boys): Oh, they must have heard us complaining about the [awesome Brigitte Bardot in French] music, hahaha.

Annoying woman 2: Yeah, this is America, play the Beatles, hahaha.

Me (muttering): oh my god you are the WORST.

Then I bought a weird-ass skirt/dress that I'm sure both annoying women would have hated. Suck it!

Now I'm home and it's only 2:00! I'm going to take a nap under some cats, and then I'll see about some of the other stuff on my to-do list. There's so much day left!


  1. The Beatles are just so darn American and apple-pie like, aren't they?!?

    I think it's awesome that you are getting involved with an issue that is close to your heart in a more meaningful (for you) way.

  2. You were more productive in one morning than I have been in the last six months. And more power to you!

    Have a great cat-nap.

  3. I would have penned them in their dressing rooms, "Cask of Amontillado"-style.

  4. I'm so pleased that you're going to be volunteering as an escort! Yay you! Of all the places for women to stand together and support one another, that's definitely the place to be. Also, I just love the concept of good women protecting good women, you know. I'll be interested to hear about your experiences.

  5. That Beatles crack is hilarious. I just got it.

    I too am pleased and proud of you for signing up to escort at the clinic. That's a pretty iron clad thing to do.