Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Wahhh, so you know when I was being all productive and I dropped off my sewing machine for a tune-up? I finally got the word earlier this week that my machine cannot be fixed, for it is so old that the parts can't be ordered. This is like when my beloved old Saturn wagon got crunched and the rear windshield had to be special ordered from, like, a dump in Fargo.

Anyway, now I'm in a quandary because one of the parts I need (the bobbin winder) is available on ebay, but the thread tensioner is nowhere to be found. I don't suppose you have an Elna Club Computer sitting in your basement that you'd like to disassemble for me, do you? And I could buy a new machine, but wasn't planning to spend several hondo on a sewing machine, particularly not when bike weather is more or less here and I still don't have a new bike.

I have several things that need to be sewn.

I did get the new rear windshield for my Saturn, PS, but then the transmission perished shortly thereafter. So I guess that's my worry: it's an old-ish machine, and what if everything goes kaput right after I search all creation for a thread tension assembly? How much money do I put into the machine before I decide that money would be put to better use on a new (probably used) machine? Seriously, I'm asking.

Meanwhile, the Elna Club gathers dust at the repair shop.

On another topic, tonight is the Pro-Choice Resources Bowl-a-Thon!! Many of you have donated to help ensure that comprehensive sexuality information gets to people who need it and that women and girls trying to access legal reproductive health care are able to do so. Thank you! Your donations make a real impact, and I'm not just saying that. You might not feel like you were able to give much, but maybe your donation bought a hundred condoms for at-risk youth, or helped to fund teacher training for sexuality educators, or helped a homeless woman afford her abortion.

As in past years, I ended up increasing my fundraising goal a few times because everyone is so generous. My team is totally kicking ass--we're in first place with $4324 raised--and I'm just $150 shy of my goal of $1500. I would luuuuvvvvv to make my goal before I bowl tonight at 7:30, so if there's anyone out there in readerland who is as disgusted as I am by the right wing assault on women and has $5 or $10 to kick in to an organization that is making a difference, please go to my fundraising page and donate.

Tonight: we bowl. I'm pro-choice, and that's how I roll.

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