Friday, April 15, 2011


I ate a whole gang of rice noodles for lunch (with mock duck, bean sprouts, lime, thai basil, peanuts, and sri racha) and then some dark chocolate almonds with sea salt from Trader Joe's and now I need a serious nap. The noodle crash is one of my most noticeable food reactions; if I have pasta I basically have to go directly to the couch afterward. It's better now that I'm buying whole wheat pasta, but I've been so stinkin' tired this week that I would probably crash after a pasta dinner in any case. And fer sure crash after a rice noodle lunch.

This week has been bonkers at work; I am swamped with tasks and paralyzed with lists. The BFS starts working here on Monday and I can't wait--not just because I want more awesome critters in my cube farm but because we need someone else doing this work. I don't think I've been losing any sleep over work--that's one thing I'm good about--but I am not getting enough hours of sleep. I nap when I get home, and tonight is going to be no different. I was hoping to catch up tonight, but that'll mean going to bed at like 9:30 because I have another early morning tomorrow. Gotta be downtown at 8:15 for my first actual shift as a clinic escort. Also, we're possibly going to get snow overnight, blehhhhhh. I am looking forward to standing in bitter April cold (and possible snow) assisting patients and serenely facing down the lone dork who is guaranteed to be protesting.

Aside from the bonkers and the tired, though, it's been a decent week. I had a concert yesterday that both went well and revealed to me that I am out of shape. Also that I need interesting and fancy black flats/low heeled shoes for those (increasingly frequent) singing occasions that I am not in full-on formalwear. It's not surprising that I'm out of shape, because I basically don't practice regularly unless I have a specific event coming up. I should change that.

Also, I started teaching lessons to my friend LA this week, which was fun and hilarious (hilarious because we've not been in student/teacher mode together before, not because her singing was hilarious, though maybe singing super high notes was hilarious to her). Prior to her lesson I was working with my 12 year old who brings in pop songbooks and we finished up the half hour with Don't Stop Believin', which was a first for me on the piano. Earlier in the week I found this website, a source for Queen piano music, so I am truly branching out.

Saw "Hanna" too, the first movie I've seen in a theater in ages, and I really liked the techno-fairytale vibe and, of course, the lead, Saoirse Ronan, who is a compelling actress. But I tell you what, whenever Ladies of Action have long, loose hair in movies, I'm like, you have got to be kidding me. Is hair not a huge liability in hand-to-hand combat? Even if, like Hanna, you were raised in the forest, you'd most likely get that shit out of your face when it comes time to take down your enemies.

I'm looking forward to quietude this weekend, and naps, and taxes. Well, not that last part but I'm going to have to do them anyway.


  1. Clinic escort! That's awesome, thanks for facing down the lone dork on behalf of the ladies.

  2. Ladies of Action indeed.