Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May wrap-up.

Well SADLY I am winding up the month of May by lying sick on the couch with a super sore throat and an achy head, which means my last two days of project Move Yer Ass have been spent in almost total inactivity. I did garden yesterday, while allowing Momo her first taste of controlled outdoor freedom on a harness. She did pretty well but I turned into a sweaty mess rather quickly.

Overall, Move Yer Ass was a success. I had many, many days that went way beyond my minimum requirements, two days where I was so scheduled I couldn't exercise, and then these last two days of straight up illin'. I completed 4 weeks of Couch to 5K--not that I have a 5K scheduled--and have really enjoyed it. Now that I remember how much I like to run on dirt trails in the woods--seriously, why is that so different, so much more acceptable to my brain as fun?--I will seek some more out. And my feet and legs feel well-accustomed to my barefoot shoes, and I've adjusted my pace so that I'm not going faster overall (I don't think) but I'm taking many more steps per minute and I feel like a fleet elf gliding through Rivendell. Sometimes. For about 30 seconds.

Also, obviously, I started biking again.

So even with those 4 days I missed, I completed roughly 12000% more exercise than I did in the month of April, and shall continue in this vein as best I can throughout the summer. I suspect November, and probably next February, will need to be Move Yer Ass months as well. Just based on past experience.

Tomorrow is a new month and I'm not totally sold on the project I'm about to propose, esp since I think I could do another month of Move Yer Ass before I can safely say yes, moving my ass is habitual and necessary. However, there is some sort of 30 Days of Creativity thing ricocheting around the blogosphere, which got me thinking about allll of my Works in Progress (WIPs) and how they languish. So for the month of June, except for when I am on my wee awesome vacation for 5 days, I will be dealing with my WIPs for at least 20 minutes each day. This is probably a useless amount of time to propose because it takes at least that long for most people just to get into a mode of concentration, but I have to start somewhere.

Here are some WIPs I can/may tackle. There are also many shoulds on this list:
  • redrafting that skirt I drafted, because while the muslin fit perfectly and made me feel like a genius, the darts are so long that they look like weirdly specific butt-pointers
  • my doctoral thesis (everyone just shut up)
  • my professional website
  • many, many clothing alteration projects that are stalled in the pinned stage
  • scanning and recycling my old (possible still relevant) papers and writings
  • planning a recital, which means hoodwinking my pianist into rehearsing regularly, which also means practicing regularly, and if my voice ain't a WIP I don't know what is
  • making my IKEA-hacked cat climber more enticing to the cats by finishing it
  • etc.
Please join me if you are so inclined! I am so used to having WIPs that I don't even know how much psychological energy they are using up. 


  1. oooo, 30 days of Creativity.... good idea, might have to try this too

  2. I saw that one around via the Rejectionist and felt inspired. MYA totally worked for me - except for the 4 days in New Mexico where all I did was sit in the sun only eating melted cheese and green chile - so I am all in favor of Move Your Hands and Brain (MYHB). Looking forward to hearing about yours!

  3. Trasherati6/3/11, 8:31 AM

    No! No sickies!
    And don't let anyone give you shit on the doctoral thesis - having that as a WIP will suck the wind right out of you, plus...it's a DOCTORAL DEGREE. That's a big deal.
    I applaud your awesome, worthwhile WIPs and will watch from right over here on the couch while you progress with them.

  4. Yay for MYA!
    Boo for sickness!
    Double yay for weirdly specific butt pointers!

  5. Good list. I woke up this morning and ran down my list of WIPs. For the first time in a long time, it didn't cause a panic attack. I felt hopeful. So I'm going to make lists and get started. Butt pointers!