Sunday, May 08, 2011

A week later.

It's true, I have the zeal of the newly converted, but here's a report on week 1 of Move Yer Ass.

This was a good week to start such a project not only because the weather has finally been reasonable, but also because I was generally busy, for me, and I didn't let myself make any excuses. Having said that, I did reneg on my "walking 1+ miles to and from my car every day doesn't count" stipulation. Maybe someday I'll do a project about Move Yer Ass First Thing in the Morning, but right now I am not a morning exercise person, so if I have plans after work it's tough to fit in anything besides the brisk walk to and from the car. But that's like 35 minutes of activity, so.

ANYWAY. Couch to 5K has actually been the highlight so far. It's very easy at this point, of course, but this is good for many reasons, not least of which is my shoes. I bought some Vibram Fivefingers last summer and wore them a lot, but really didn't do much running in them, though I always intended to use them for running. What's good about going so slowly with this run-walk training program is that my feet and legs will have time to get accustomed to running this way. I was already used to how the shoes affect my gait and footstrike and length of stride and all that and I like that, but I don't want to jack myself up biting off too much too soon. So yay for taking it somewhat easy.

The non-running days have been for yoga, mostly Jason Crandell vids on the Yoga Journal site. On today's Move Yer Ass log, for example, I wrote "deep hip openers DAMN." That was a hardcore half hour for me, probably because of the joggings of earlier in the week.

Other highlights this week:
  • sang in a premiere today, the last gig I have on the books, so someone please hire me to do something, quick.
  • ate Cheetos for the first time in like 5 years, which was a miscalculation.
  • went to see a pops concert at Orchestra Hall, which I hadn't ever done before. It was BANANAS: the theme was the 80s, the conductor was in neon leggings and legwarmers for the first half and acid washed jeans for the second half, there was an excellent medley of TV theme songs that started with The A Team and progressed through Dallas and Hill Street Blues and Knight Rider and ended with a Cheers singalong, and one of the featured singers was a livewire Finnish freakazoid who worked the entire stage harder than anyone else has ever worked it, on a huge range of songs. The arrangement of Total Eclipse of the Heart was a highlight. But I have to admit that most of the orchestra looked miserable, though a few of them did dress up. The trumpets all dressed like Don Johnson. I had an awesome time. This is worth remembering when I find myself involved in cheeseball musical endeavors: however much I may hate doing it, the audience is eating it up.
  • played a Richard Marx song on the piano in a voice lesson this week.
  • saw an old friend I haven't seen since like 2004 or early 2005, when I went to NY and there was a blizzard. We met singing in an opera summer festival together in 2003, where we hung out ALL THE TIME and drank, a lot. It was so gratifying to get together and feel the same love after so many years (but with less beer).
  • got a Furminator, and oh my god. Why is this little, not particularly fluffy cat so fucking sheddy? I can rake her undercoat like every hour get a cat's worth of fur off her. Fortunately she loves it. Furminator: I recommend it.
  • My cat skirt arrived in the mail. Pictures to follow.


  1. Thanks to you, I have done MYA every day this week - Couch to 5K alternated with 30 Day shred and a 7 mile walk yesterday. Thanks for the motivation lady, you're keeping me going!

  2. Whoa, C25K AND 30 Day Shred, that's hardcore.

    I finished C25K a few weeks ago, and then I moved, which is a workout for a few days (the actual moving plus packing and unpacking), but now I find myself on the other side of that experience without a workout program, which I apparently need to Move My Ass. I'm thinking about starting C25K again, from like the middle. Why not?

  3. Or you could move on to the 10K program; isn't there one of those?

    I might 30 day shred tonight but I think it will destroy me.

  4. What Richard Marx song, please.

  5. hahaha, Right Here Waiting.