Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uh, bye bye June, I hardly knew ye.

Apparently I didn't blog in June. I guess it's because I was doing other things! Such as things on my WIP list! And it's true, I did stick to the June project. It ended up being lots of sewing, which was just fine with me. The point of the project was to avoid sitting on the couch as my default post-work activity. Sometimes I legitimately want to chill on the couch, of course. But I followed it up with some WIP stuff every time, and then last week I went on vacation for almost a week. Even that qualified as WIP, if you ask me, because I was meeting some awesome people in the meat world for the first time, and that shit has been on my to-do list for actual years. It was brilliant and relaxing and just GOOD. And concurrently, I have kept up Move Yer Ass, again except for vacation.

So now it's the end of the month and I need another project for two days from now. If you have any ideas, let me know. I'm probably going to do Buy Nothing (except foodstuffs), but that kind of feels like a passive project. It's also one I've done before. So there could be a more active project on top of that, and then I would really feel like I'm doing something. Or I don't know, maybe I'll just stick to a daily skin routine for the entire month and see if I can keep the greaseball look to a minimum.

Also, I might go platinum, hair-wise. But that would only take a day.


  1. I'm working on a few projects my own self, including Learning to Make Fresh Vegetable Juice, Doing Yoga, and, gasp, Not Drinking Alcohol.

  2. This is kind of a project: I'm trying to get some new foods in rotation in this household. The stuff we/I cook is usually pretty healthy and veg/grain-full, but I find myself falling back on the SAME vegetables and the SAME grains all the time. So it's time to mix it up. To that end, I made the oft-recommended Bob Barley salad last night, and damn, yum. Also, I want all the recipes that came out of Judy's kitchen, please and thanks.

    I'm excited about this platinum hair. You'll rock that.

  3. Here's those two salads I made:

    I've been having a serious guilty conscience about the shit-tons of greens we bought at the Stuart Farmer's Market. Whyyyyyy didn't I cook them? how will Judy & co ever eat them all?

  4. Also, I am strongly considering having a project just called ARMS, though it would be more like a yearlong project because I'm starting at such a huge strength deficit (not to mention a total lack of genetic predisposition to have shoulders or visible muscle tone). It would be good to have great arms once before I die.

  5. Thanks for the recipes. Imma make some lentil salad soon.

  6. Hooray, recipes! And I suspect Judy and co. plowed through those greens.

    I am also excited about the platinum hair.

  7. Yeah, I'm down with this platinum look, too.

    Also the arms sounds like something I should do, so thanks for the inspiration!