Friday, July 01, 2011

July project: CLEANUP.

So yes, July's project is called CLEANUP. It came to me last night and makes perfect sense. It took about two minutes to make a two-page list of wee cleanup tasks I can do each day and they're all the boring ones you'd expect. We don't really have a regular chore list around here except trash/recycling, cat litter, toilet cleaning, and vacuuming the living room, so there's a whole lot of dust on everything. And then some things I've never done, like cleaning the windows. One of the list items might be "the FUCKING blinds," as that is one of my unfavorite household tasks, yet it needs to be done.

I left work early today because my boss told me to and then I got a little bit overachieverish on the CLEANUP list, what with vacuuming out the couches and rotating all the cushions for even wear, and swiffering and lint brushing and dusting and what have you. The garden is completely out of control and should also be dealt with as part of CLEANUP. But do you KNOW how hot it is outside today? It's unbearable.

Tonight we go to celebrate Molly's 35th birthday at her dance studio with a DANCE PARTY. I may study Soul Train videos for the rest of the afternoon. And then there is KARAOKE afterward. I'm really sleeping on the job as far as preparation goes.


  1. I'd rather fight a bear than clean windows or dust anything.

    Something I really like about those SOOOOOOOOOOOOOUL Train videos is how preppy-yet-fly everyone looks.

  2. I have been thinking the same thing about my filth levels. My sister's wedding was May 7th and my bridesmaid dress is still lying on the bedroom floor.

  3. How was that dance party and how was yo moves?

    Gardening is totally a part of cleanup, but it's unbearably hot here too. I often garden at night.

  4. Haaaa, the youtube link was really overkill, as the song sprang into my head immediately. I'm still listening to it though, and the sound quality is pretty much identical to the cassette tape I had this song on.

    Dance party: super fun, underattended (holiday weekend, wahhhh), included some across-the-floor patterns Molly taught us but no soul train. Alas.