Thursday, July 21, 2011

Next up.

Ten more days to think of a new monthly self (or whatever) improvement project. I just found this list, which I think I brainstormed while on hold, on my desk at work.
  • ARMS: truly, this would have to be a lifelong strengthening endeavor.
  • ADVENTURE! would be hard, and probably mostly confined to weekends.
  • BROWN BAG involves bringing lunch to work every single day. I already do this 80% of the time, so maybe this one isn't that interesting.
  • MORNING PAGES. I have done this Artist's Way thing before, and mostly it felt burdensome because I was already writing in so many other places. Still.
  • SUGAR FREE. Low impact because I mostly don't eat it.
  • RAW til DINNER: a thousand times easier in the summer.
  • JEWELS. Y'all, I have so much shit in my jewelry-making stash. JEWELS would be about making stuff with it. Hard to do with cats who are intrigued by all my projects.
  • MENU PLAN! Honestly, I can't even fathom doing this on a daily basis. Making meals out of whatever is around is one of my superpowers.
  • SPANISH. Learn it.
  • PRESERVES: buy excessive stuff at the farmers market and figure out how to put it up.
  • BIKE (daily)
  • UP & AT EM: get up early every day, which also means go to bed at a reasonable hour every night.
  • YOGA (daily)
  • KEGELS (daily)
  • SERENITY NOW! Meditation.
  • PEARLY WHITES is so low-key, I should do it in conjunction with another project. It just involves putting this Paula's Choice 2-minute teeth whitener on my toofs every day. Whitener and Kegels! The most surreptitious project of all.
  • SLEEEEEEEP I don't know what I meant by that. Maybe just get enough sleep? That would be worth doing.
  • NaBloPoMo, sometime in the future. I think that's November, right?
  • WEB LITE. The more I think about web-lite, the less I think it would boost my productivity. Though if I went web-lite at work, my days would change drastically (not for the better). Also, it must be spelled "lite," obviously. 
  • WARDROBE OVERHAUL. I think I made some dopey thrifting choices a few months ago. I seem to have a lot of stuff that doesn't match other stuff. There are too many mornings that I stand around in my closet wearing one half of an outfit and trying fruitlessly to complete it. Getting in there and making some outfit lists and getting rid of some stuff is a high priority. And then I could have a naked lady party.
  • THESIS is the one I have to do. Siiiiiiiigh.


  1. "The most surreptitious project of all." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.