Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I just went outside to snap a shot of the evening sky with my new phone, and I watched a bat circling around and around the trees in front of me, evidently holding onto a cicada. I surmised this because the buzzing dopplered in sync with the bat's flight pattern, until finally it petered out. It's the circle of life! Like literally a circle. But really, why was the bat flying around instead of just taking the bug to its lair? Was it trying to get the bug to shut up so that it could eat in peace?

I think that's all I got right now. There is some straight bullshit going on with THESIS, which I may have the energy to blog about tomorrow. I am actually taking a mental health day to deal with some of said bullshit. One hilarious and coincidentally-timed thing I can tell you is that I got a so-called FINAL NOTICE from the library (there were no previous notices) today about the thesis books I've had checked out for like 5 years with a bill for $1320. HAHAHAAAAA. It will be fine, I just have to take ALL of the books in to the library to check them out again and then the charge will go away.

But food/eating, my adjunct project, has been brilliant. This week I made Bob Barley Salad, some lentil-walnut pate that I sort of free-formed based on this recipe (I have had the inspiration version many times in NY), some baba ganoush that's a bit of a failure because it has no smoky char goodness (I just oven-roasted the eggplant instead of chucking it into a fire), and a whole big wack of chickpeas destined to become chickpea cutlets etc. I'm about to go into the kitchen to make some tempeh salad that I will roll up in romaine lettuce like some kind of dieting freak. Seriously though, romaine is my main jam if I'm not just slapping shit on bread. I highly recommend.

Also, not that you're asking, but here's a wee kitchen hack that is only good if you buy kalamata olives in brine, in bulk: save the brine and use it to salt your Mediterranean-flava soups, grain salads, pasta sauces, whatever.

Next week I'll be taking Tuesday off from the food plan so that I can eat some fried crap at the State Fair. Those french fries better watch out. Their fate is sealed.


  1. Take you some taters back to your bat lair.

  2. Hooray, state fair! And: good tip on the olive brine.

  3. A $1300 library bill? That's awesome. Please scan and post.

  4. Oh, I can't post the bill--it was online and was cleared as soon as I took the books back to recheck them out. I shoulda screen-shot it.