Monday, September 26, 2011

Lemme holler at you for a minute.

After all the (um, irregular, cursory) blathering the past few months about my monthly projects, I have been silent on the current one because it's going to stretch through to November. It's the previously-mentioned THESIS, the progress of which was impeded by a whole pantload of red tape. I promise you the details are not worth enumerating, unless you're also trying to finish a doctorate at a large public university and want to commiserate about how often you're thwarted by some dumb fucking petition that you need to fill out in triplicate, in which case email me and we'll kvetch. The upshot is that it didn't look like I was going to be admitted, then I got admitted late after all, and now I can finish my thang. But it took until this week. Note to graduate institutions: get a mechanism in place so that doctoral candidates who only need to do the defense can do so easily. Yeesh.

So now! I have a self-imposed deadline of October 3 for finishing my paper. Are you surprised to know that I am procrastinating even now? I have been re-watching episodes of NewsRadio and playing a stupid game on my phone in the evenings, in between plugging away at the paper and lamenting the darkness that is already encroaching way too early in the day. The Brit just left the country for a couple of weeks, so the idea is that the solitude will force me to work. Or will it force me to pet cats? I'll let you know how it all shakes down.

Speaking of cats, Ace has been acting all weird, so I took him to the vet this afternoon. We're not good on routine medical care, either for ourselves or our beasties, so I felt guilty about waiting until Ace was kind of hiding out and ignoring his food and acting strange around his water dish and being confusing about whether or not he wants affection (normally he's all love all the time) to get him to the vet. We'll know tomorrow whether there's anything on his blood panel or urinalysis to be concerned about, but at least the vet didn't palpate Ace and go "yeah it's chronic renal failure," which is what Dr Google, DVM was leading me to believe over the weekend. Happily, I liked the vet a lot and he's in the neighborhood, and even though Ace didn't enjoy the outing, at least he did't completely tweak out in the office. However, he did unleash a fresh piss in his carrier on the way home, which meant I had to dunk him in the tub, which meant he hated me for a short time and cleaned himself for a long time. Now he's been crashed out for about 4 hours. I hope the health news is good.

Here's what I just ate for dinner at 9 PM (very euro):

Meals these days.

I often eat the same thing, or some variation of it, for breakfast. That's a Trader Joe's veggie masala burger, which is basically like a delicious spicy hashbrown thing that has no business on a bun, plus some collards, carrots, and chickpeas that I quick saute-braised with curry powder and lemon juice. And that's a little raita on the side that I made with yogurt, tomatoes (from our pathetic yet fruitful plants), cilantro, and green onions.

I also tried making pizza with a chickpea flour crust last week. It was kind of a disaster because my pan was all wrong; I used this recipe, which has you cook the thing on the stovetop and finish it in the oven in the same pan. Still, it tasted great--it had roasted tomatoes, sauteed zucchini and onions, kalamata olives, and feta on it--but it never really crisped up. I'll definitely try again, maybe treating the batter more like a pancake or crepe (socca, which I guess is what this recipe technically is). It's a pretty slick way to eat a pizza-like THING that's more nutritionally dense than your standard wheat crust, and also incidentally gluten-free if you're into that. It would make a great breakfast. Probably tomorrow.

Do you know Laura Marling, and if so, what do you think? I'm listening on Spotify right now. Some of the album skews a little bit Starbucksy but there's this one song they've been playing on the Current lately that is so cool and interesting and I am astonished that she is 21, though I don't know why. Maybe because of the genre? Whatever, her singing is fabulous and the songwriting is inventive. There's bad lip-synching here and I wish she wouldn't clench her teeth, but that's just the voice teacher talking. Here's the song.

Officially, this is enough procrastination.


  1. Go Go Go!!!! You can do it! Give yourself one hour writing, one hour break - it's way easier! And Spotify helps. So proud of the future Dr.

  2. Maybe you procrastinate like I do in that while you're watching News Radio and playing a game on your phone, most of the rest of your brain is feed up to do the thinking, composing, and organizing that needs to be done so that when you do make yourself sit down to write, it's all more or less there and ready to go.

    This is actually how I work. It isn't perhaps the most efficient thing in the world...but maybe it is. I finally learned to stop feeling guilty about the perceived procrastination and allow my brain to work the way it needs to. See also: doodling in meetings and working on small repetitive tasks when someone is talking to me (under certain circumstances).

    In short, go go Dr. Mavin +1!!

  3. I cannot believe I misspelled Maven. I feel shame.

  4. Ahhhhahahahaha, if I could edit the comment for you I would. Hilarious.

    I have always told myself that I'm cooking on things I need to do while I'm busying myself with other, more apparently useless activities, but sometimes it feels like a convenient excuse (for me). I do deliver, but only on someone else's deadline. Ah well, I've more or less accepted this about myself.

    Thanks for the support, y'all.

  5. Egg timer. Don't forget the egg timer.

    That dinner looks amaaaazing.

    Keep us posted on the beastie.

  6. You can do it, girl! Love to Ace. I hope he is ok and back to his normal loving self soon.

  7. good luck! I am supposed to be revising at the moment (scary exam 11 october) but it's a blumming heat wave and its not fair! so i feel your pain!

  8. This veggie masala burger business has been haunting me. I might have to go to TJ's.

  9. I made a "next time I'm at a TJs" list with a single entry of "those veggie masala hash brown things".

    Hit it, Dr. Maven...we're behind you.