Monday, September 12, 2011

You say it's my birthday.

I recently got back from birthday dinner with the Brit at Saffron, which was beautiful and highly recommended. Middle Eastern fusion fine dining with great service and good ambiance and a very vegetarian-friendly (not super vegan-friendly, but at least vegan possible) menu. It's really surprising to me how many of the "good" or high-end restaurants in town basically have one pasta dish on their menu for vegetarians, rather than several small plates (which can be shared as starters or combined as an entree) or two or three really good entrees that are not pasta. I just think pasta is lazy. And I almost never want to eat it when I go out. Also, this is a big metro area. It's not like vegetarians are some exotic fringe group. Anyway! At Saffron I ate fried cauliflower with North African spices and feta fondue, grilled haloumi with watermelon and mint, an incredible corn soup with poached figs, yogurt, and smoked paprika oil, and arugula salad with medjool dates, orange, almonds, pickled (I think) red onions, and lemon tahini dressing. Also: an ice cream flight of spiced chocolate, strawberry balsamic, and salted caramel. And a mocktail called Blood and Fire, which was spicy watermelon and cucumber with a watermelon pickle garnish. And the Brit got to eat lots of meats. I meant to take pictures of everything and failed because I ate it all first.

It's been a nice day. The weather is still beautiful and summery--87 today--though the temperature is dropping now and there's supposed to be patchy frost on Wednesday night whaaaatttt. My bossfriend took us all out to lunch for my birthday at Camdi, a standby for our work lunches. The food's always good, though the place feels a little, I don't know, sticky. I had to renew my license and obviously forgot to do it until today, so I had to go to the DMV after work. It was pretty smooth and I had good parking karma, essential because I had only one quarter for the meter. The woman who processed my application and took my picture loved my hair, which tickled me enough that I think I had a totally genuine smile in my photo. We'll see in about two weeks. I really liked my current DL photo, though my sister Molly said I looked like I was in a tampon commercial.

When I got home, the Brit had red roses and beautiful turquoise stud earrings waiting for me, both total lovely surprises.

Also, I ate coconut cream pie for breakfast, thanks to Molly, who made it for my family birthday celebration yesterday. Emily's birthday pie was lemon meringue. And we each got a Sodastream, a thermal carafe, a sweet steam iron, a vintage apron, embroidered dishtowels, and a cat lady tote bag.

The only thing I didn't do today that would have been nice, especially in the last throes of summer, is go for a bike ride. I drove in to work because of the whole driver's license thing, and there was no time to work a ride in. Instead I wore my stupidest/coolest shoes (in black) in celebration and got a proto-blister from walking around in them. Similar to exercise.

I might make a list of 38 things to do in my 38th year, but so far all I've thought of is "make kombucha at home." I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. From one new 38 year old Virgo to another (no wonder I love you!) Happy happy birthday!

  2. Ahhhh well technically I just turned 37, so it's now my 38th year--but I love you too, and thanks!

  3. Tampon commercial driver's license pic--I love it. Happy birthday month, darlin'.

  4. Those are indeed some stupid cool shoes. <3

    The birthday dinner sounds way way awesome. Drooling over here.

  5. Happy, happy birthday! Your shoes are, of course, awesome. As are you. Here's to a brilliant year, m'dear. (Rhyme = effort.)

  6. Happy birthday!

    I wish I had a sister who made birthday pies! All that food sounded AMAZING! I had to google the sodastream thingy but that looks way cool.

    To a wonderful 38th year!

  7. We've been lamenting the sad pasta thing on a regular basis. I want a real, thoughtful vegetarian meal, and something I can't make at home when I go out to eat. I've been surprised how many restaurants out here have one (or NO) vegetarian entrees on their is a meat renaissance, apparently.