Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That Etsy faves post I ordered.

Not that you were like WAITING for it or anything.

Merino fingerless gloves from ianbaldry (Minneapolis holla!)

Porcelain Left/Right Earrings from lilarubyking

Red-orange Fire-King bowls from blurredvisionary

Handwoven tencel scarf from billysuetextiles

Tulip print stuffed mini dachshund from aliceapple

Big crocheted floor cushions from lacasadecoto

A pair of mid-century modern hanging candle holders from MellowMermaid

Red vessel earrings (I love everything in this shop, someone please buy all of it for me) from nervoussystem

Blue leather iphone (or WHATEVER, it doesn't have to be an iphone) case from broundoor


  1. Oh, I love those cushions SO VERY MUCH!

    I have a pair of fingerless merino gloves from etsy that my mom got me last year (I have no idea which artist/vendor made them, only that she lives in Latvia). And I LOVE THEM. Srsly, they were game-changers for my poor fingers last winter.

  2. You should be my personal shopper. ("Should." I've suddenly become very bossy.) I love all the things you find on Etsy. That iPhone/whatever holder is awesome and very Hermès, and I am 100% in love. With the stuff, I mean. I'm really over being in love with humans.