Friday, October 28, 2011

Wardrobe concepts.

Today in First World Problems, I have been thinking about my personal style concept for the current season and I'm coming up short. I think I need to spend some quality time in my closet assembling outfits so that when I get up in the morning I can put on my biking clothes and quickly pack up my work outfit without agonizing over what I'm going to wear. Also, I need a winter biking dress. I like to wear a skirt over whatever warm leggings I'm wearing for functional biking because I'm not really down with my spandex ass hanging out. It's just how I prefer to roll. I like to look a little less sporty, I guess. I tried to buy the Ibex hoody dress off the Public Bikes site when it was SUPER cheap a couple months ago, but the special broke the site and I couldn't check out before all the dresses in my size had disappeared. Wahhh.

Anyway, so at work Tricia and I have been talking about our fashion, such as it is, and she is currently working the Superhero theme, which is mostly about tight pants, shiny boots, and flapping overlayers that might double as capes. I totally support Superhero, though it will not work for me. In the past, my wardrobe concept has basically been Short Pants, and then later it was Skirts and Boots. Not much of a concept, really. So here are some others I might choose this year:

  1. Arty Lady of a Certain Age: Eileen Fisher, chunky necklaces, expensive flats, billowing garments in general.
  2. Tweedy Gentleman: knickers, argyle, cravats.
  3. Shawshank Prison Inmate: seriously the jeans in that movie are the best.
  4. Samurai Poet: hakama pants, slippers, and little wrap sweaters: my top contender.
  5. 80s Businesswoman: duh.
  6. One Dress to Rule Them All: find ideal dress, wear it every day, hope that it doesn't awaken the Nazgul.
  7. Copycat: only replicate outfits worn by popular fashion bloggers.
  8. Kitty Cat: dress like a kitty every day, which is how my sister's friend became class president in elementary school.
  9. Jumpsuit Superstar: this (actually, but seriously, if I could find a coverall that was the correct shape and that draped really nicely I would buy several and wear them every day).
  10. Ensconced in Velvet: I read this to Tricia and she said "oooooh, milady!"
  11. Twee as Fuck
  12. Directoire, minus the hobble hems, but plus turbans X 1000.
  13. Fashion it So
  14. Whatever is happening on the cover of Labelle's first album; let's call it Denim Circus:

    (also, please, if you have a larger photo of this, show it to me.)
  15. An adjunct to the previous: 70s Dirtbag
  16. Severe and Germanic:

    Bonus points if you can arrange to stand next to Jason Priestley all the time.
  17. Oversized Everything: prints, jewels, accessories, shirts, like in the 90s when we all bought our long sleeved tees from the Gap men's section.
  18. Monochrome
  19. Jem: truly outrageous.
  20. Margo Leadbetter, who is seriously one of my style icons:

I am shocked that there aren't more image search results for this character (or the actress herself), because she looked super fresh on every episode of "The Good Life" (AKA "Good Neighbors" in the US).

If only biking in a maxi dress and turban were easier.

Please leave your contributions/votes in the comments.


  1. No contribution/vote yet because I need to cogitate on this, but I have to say that the mental exercise of picturing you in each of these styles as I read through the list is one the greatest and most satisfying things I ever done with my imagination.

  2. I think this might be my favorite blog post yet. I wish I was there to discuss as wardrobe needs is about half way between Tricia's superhero theme and your biking dress/leggings/tights theme. But yes. Finding the ideal dress is a very challenging first world problem indeed.

  3. I just thought of a bonus Wardrobe Concept: Electric Mayhem, where you dress like Dr Teeth and the gang. Inspired by the beautiful illustrations we all saw.

  4. This topic is easily in my Top Five Favorite work discussions ever.

  5. I would like to hear more about this Kitty Cat who won class president please.

    Samurai poet will always get my vote for you, with lots of pretty ribbon to clamp down your pant legs.

  6. Well, I've been hanging out in my closet taking inventory for the last 1.5 hours, and the concept I'm feeling right now is steampunk shapes without all the hardware and bullshit that usually accompanies steampunk clothing. Given that "steampunk" is one of the first words I exclude from broad etsy searches, this might be kind of surprising.

  7. I've read this author who is apparently described as a creator of "steampunk" literature:

    My vote for you is the 1910's clothing! Although that silhouette might render cycling difficult.

  8. I'm currently working with a guy who looks like the Orbitz Gnome, facial hair and all. He likes to wear cowboy hats and a hand full of gold rings. I told him he looked Cowboy Gnome Chic.

  9. Surely there's an over-the-helmet turban out there.

  10. Samurai Poet and Margo Ledbetter speak to me, but whatever you end up doing will be fab.

  11. You know I'm voting for Denim Circus.

    And I'm happy to have a name for my inadvertent style this fall. Superhero! Who knew?