Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend activities.

First, I went to Ulta for some ridge filler and cruelty-free polish (Orly, Wet n Wild, China Glaze) and hair goop (Paul Mitchell). Then I returned some bike shorts to REI (I should not even bother trying with the bike shorts because they will never fit my legs, butt, AND waist at the same time). Then I watched Psych and did galaxy nails:

Galaxy nails.

If I were a nail blogger I'd have a picture of all the colors I used, but I am no nail blogger. That's like a whole nutty subculture that I haven't gotten into, apart from stalking some tutorials. This is super-easy; you just need makeup sponges for application. Slap on a dark night sky base, and then sponge thin layers of (sparkly) other colors til you have something you like, then apply top coat. Look at pics of nebulas (nebulae?) for inspiration:

Saturday was a beautiful day, so naturally I stayed indoors (d'oh). I stood in my closet for hours, inventorying my clothes and trying things on. Then I put together 25 outfits and wrote them down. While all this was going on, I handwashed three tubs full of wool stuff and a bonus tub of silk stuff with Eucalan. Sooooo virtuous! I mean I'd only had one of the sweaters for like 10 years without washing it. Am I gross? Maybe I was, but not anymore! I also did regular laundry at the same time. Conclusion: I don't need to buy any more clothes, ever. Having said that, I am stalking vests on ebay.

Then yesterday Molly & co hosted the whole family for pumpkin carving (and chili and cornbread and stuff), which is about as Halloweenie as I'm getting this year (not that I'm planning to turn out the lights and close the blinds or anything). Though I HAVE had "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" in my head all day. How can you not?

ETA: I completely forgot to mention another virtuous thing I did, which was to weatherproof all my boots. I win for weekend wardrobe care.


  1. You totally win for wardrobe care! And I like your idea of writing down your outfits. Smart.