Sunday, October 16, 2011

Y'all. Y'ALLLLLLL. Please tell me how to conclude my fucking paper. I know part of it involves going for a walk, possibly painting my nails, petting the cats, destroying my high score on Bejeweled, making tea, drinking tea, and maybe folding some laundry. But beyond that I am clueless. I need this thing out of my hands, today. The bibliography is done, the footnotes are formatted, the musical examples scanned and cropped and wrangled. I read the whole thing out loud last night, including the many poems I quote, and I fixed things I never would have seen had I just read it silently. I cut out many cherished bits of my stellar prose, probably 10 pages worth, and unceremoniously tossed them in a file called EXTRA BITS. I hope to delete EXTRA BITS soon, just as soon as I've written the conclusion and know for certain that I will not ever need the EXTRA BITS ever.

But really though, if you know how I should wrap it up besides writing THE END, holler at me.


  1. Write another etsy faves post. I like those.

    Good luck. It sounds to me like you *are* actually done and just need to hand it off to someone... Let it go.

  2. Ahhhhhh I wish. I really need to wrap it all up with like one brilliant paragraph. Truly.

    I've been taking the etsy Taste Test a lot. Very entertaining.

  3. Close the loop by circling back to the intro - reference something there...that's the rule for conclusions for speeches - if your intro had an anecdote/fact/salient point, then the conclusion is basically "so if you take my points 1, 2, and 3 made in the paper, then that's how *reference anecdote/fact/salient point* is supported/proven/revoked/whatever."
    3-5 sentences and Boom! you're done - go Maven!