Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday night's gonna be all right.

I spent some of my Friday night doing an audition. If that doesn't scream PARTAY, I don't know what does. I honestly can't remember the last time I did an audition, either--or at least, one where my casting wasn't a foregone conclusion, or one that wasn't for a teaching job. So I don't have any headshots printed (no one asks for printed headshots anymore, do they?), and perhaps more important, I don't have a regular rotation of audition outfits! This is a big deal, y'all. You have to figure out what's going to make the best statement about your personality without overshadowing your performance (that is, you want them to focus on you instead of your outfit). Wearing black is a classic maneuver and is super-boring, but depending on the type of company/show you're auditioning for, you might want to go classic instead of interesting. And again, depending on the situation, appropriate gear can range from super dressed up to fairly casual. Running around the house looking for things to wear reminded me of the years I spent doing the fall audition season in NY--and let me tell you, while I miss having a reason to go to NY regularly, I do not miss those days at all. I also had long hair during those years and I used to spend ridiculous amounts of time wrangling my hair into something that looked good. I experienced a wave of gratitude last night when I smeared some styling wax into my hair and sculpted it for 15 seconds and called it good.

I wore a slightly shimmery black vintage floral ankle length dress with high heeled moto boots and a black wrap sweater. It wasn't my favorite outfit ever but it was my best option, considering I watched "Breaking Bad" until 45 minutes before I had to leave and didn't think about my clothes at all until then.

Weirdly, I have another audition in two weeks. Much like the one I did last night, the stakes are rather low, but unlike last night, I actually have to have several arias ready to go. Again, I haven't had to offer four arias in years, and I am a little out of shape vocally because I don't practice regularly. Still, what concerns me most right now is that I don't know what I'm going to wear. I guess clothes are just on my mind these days, probably at least in part because the weather is changing.

Anyway, it went well last night. We'll see if I get a callback.

Today is beautiful and sunny and warm for November, so I am going to hop on my bike and ride to Sally Beauty for some nail treatments. All this nail polish remover is killing my nails.

The cold (dark) bike rides have actually been kind of awesome so far. It hasn't been THAT cold yet--I've had maybe 2 rides that have been below freezing--but honestly right now my biggest problem isn't staying warm, it's having the exact right number/thickness of layers so that I don't overheat. No matter what, I'm totally sweaty when I get to work. I'm also back to pondering (as I ride) how to make my reflective/visibility gear more interesting. I swear there is an untapped market here. Po Campo makes some cute little reflective birdie pins, which is a start, and there's a company called Run Naked that has shirts emblazoned with the reflective words "Run Naked." Oh, okay, and here's another one that got kickstarted and doesn't have products for sale publicly yet: We Flashy (the jerks in the video are biking without lights, however). So other folks are clearly having the same thoughts. For now I'm just wearing a really sweet neon vest and slap bracelets, but if you want to go into business, let me know. At one point I investigated this fairly seriously and then dropped it when I realized I would have to buy a cutter and a heat press to print t-shirts myself.


  1. I think sometimes waiting for the last minute can be good for making decisions about audition/interview appearances. At least, any time I've tried picking something out before hand, it has always felt totally wrong the day of, or maybe only one piece of it is right and you build around that. Good luck with your auditions!

    And oh! the reflective thing! once I bought some LED arm bands and started using my husband's reflective vest, my grand ideas of breaking into the untapped reflective gear market fizzled out. Soon after my knee freaked out on me and my running on dark roads mojo fizzled out too. That We Flashy stuff looks promising but I bet it will be more expensive than their intended market wants to shell out. In contrast, Run Naked needs to hire a graphic designer or something. I think there should be more places that help people with their apparel/accessory start-up ideas, like that has the tech & machinery for anybody to lease for short runs, etc. I wrote a business plan in grad school similar to that, some day...

    Wow, big fat caffeinated Sunday morning comment!

  2. (P.S.- I LOVE Breaking Bad. And it has similarly hijacked my attention span.)

  3. Auditions - how exciting! At least, to someone who would NEVER be able to sing/dance/act/perform in public, it sounds super exciting. Good luck getting that call back!

    I have been biking to work a couple of days/week and am going to try and stick to it all winter long. Like you, the cold I think I can manage (although the glove/mitt situation is not good and I think I am going to have to pony up for pogies at some point). But I do worry about being seen by drivers as it is DARK DARK when I leave for work and when I come home. Anyhow, I have a sweet ass bike light for the front. It even has a seizure inducing option which for sure will keep the cars away. But I don't feel confident about lights on my back. I need something good.

    I'll stay tuned to your - and Sandra's - bidness plans here and I'll be your first customer too.

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  5. Came across this reflective scarf on a bike blog today - thought I'd share.

  6. I feel like I should ALSO say that it's not like I think this is the most ah-maaazing scarf ever, just that stylish reflectivity is on other people's minds too!